The Arcturian Group: As Consciousness Becomes Lighter

arcturian gratitude eraoflightGreetings, again we come to give support and love as we witness the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual struggles of so many at this time. Energies flowing to earth have become increasingly intense, causing issues normally not problematic to seem much larger and important. You are becoming more sensitive to energy and thus experiencing more of it in

Ashtar: Expand into the Oneness of the LoveLight to Create Miracles

ashtar“Greetings, Beloved Family! The excitement continues to rise, does it not? It is as though any time you hear a story such as the one that Rama* just told, you are connecting in with that same energy that he felt on that mountainside, the gentleness, the peacefulness, the Love of the deer and the confirmation – yet another one among millions of confirmations now – not only of the

Applied Epigenetics: The Art and Science of DNA Activation, Healing and Repair

dna activationThe Foundations of Epigenetic DNA Activation: Life is Energy

Einstein, Tesla, and the science of quantum physics have shown us that the fabric of the Universe is composed of vibrational strings expressed as energy. Every single cell and organ system, as well as our entire physical body, is encompassed

The Love Choice

all is love eraoflightAs a divine changemaker, you are hard-wired to dream big and persist when others have given up. Even in the most challenging times, deep within your bones is a knowing that somehow things will be okay. A part of you remembers that love is your true nature and that it will prevail even in the darkest of times. Continue reading to understand how to thrive

Saul: You Are Source

saulAs all the channels are reiterating, enormous changes are happening right now, right as you are typing this!  They are essential aspects of humanity’s awakening into the awareness that all are one, that there is only ONE and that all are at one with That.  The idea of separation would be an enormous joke if only you had not convinced yourselves so firmly that separation is REALITY!

Judas Iscariot: Inner Journey

judas iskariotI am Judas Iscariot and there is a saying, which goes: “The one who is waiting for something good cannot wait too long.” It has been a bit like that for you now dear children. Nothing is like the time of waiting, but the concentration should be inwards, dear Earthlings. Much is happening inside now. In order to be able to move the perspective from 3D till 5D much practice is needed

Court Rules That Employees Can’t Be Fired For Medical Marijuana

cannabis flowerThis week, The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that businesses can not fire employees for using medical marijuana if they have a legal prescription. Under the ruling, employees will be able to sue for handicap discrimination if they are fired for their medical marijuana use. The ruling came in the case of Christina Barbuto, a former employee of Advantage Sales and