Walnuts Kill Cancer Cells

herbal medicineIf you’re nuts about walnuts, you could be doing your health a huge favor. Several research studies have revealed that the benefits of walnuts include the ability to inhibit cancer development and even initiate the death of cancer cells.

The secret to the cancer-killing properties

You Should Never Reuse Your Plastic Water Bottles

careforyourbodyeraoflightWould you lick a toilet seat? Hey, don’t worry, you can just drink out of your used plastic bottle instead. Researchers have suggested that refilling plastic bottles and drinking from them causes more harm than good, with the item essentially becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. The study was conducted by Treadmill Reviews and analyzed the water bottles used by an athlete after each

Sananda: Trigger Of Events

sanandaI AM Sananda.

And as always it is wonderful opportunity to be with you to share with you to experience with you. For as you experience all of this so do we. Although we may seem as higher than you, we’re only higher in consciousness, higher in vibration

Jupiter Blessings

astroscopeSince Jupiter started moving forward again a month ago, your quest for abundance has shifted.

There is exuberance about your future – and you’re about to reach NEW evels of positive momentum!

Cannabinoids Can Successfully Kill Leukemia Cells, Reveals Groundbreaking New Study

cannabis flowerA recent study published in International Journal of Oncology revealed that cannabinoids, the active chemical in cannabis, can destroy leukemia cells either alone or in combination with other cancer treatments. The scientific community has long-established that cannabinoids may show potential in cancer treatment, with certain varieties known to promote cell death

Mary Magdalene’s Message: Your Life Is Like A Play

m maryGreetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I step into your energy fields upon this day, I see also a bit of what we call fear and trepidation, but there is nothing to be afraid about, for you see, Dear Ones, you are all multi-dimensional, and you exist simultaneously in different realms. This may sound strange to you, as we begin to talk about the probable realities, not only

Arcturian Council: The Minefield of Ascension

arcturian council“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have released so much in this one lifetime that it is hard for you to imagine at times that you could still have more releasing and clearing and processing to do. It must seem

You Are Your Creator

baldorDear Ones,

Have you taken the time to breathe in the light?

Many of you tell yourself that you must do this or that before you enhance your being with the most

Combination of Three Plant-based Nutrients Found to MELT AWAY Prostate Cancer Cells

cicn eolA fascinating new study published in Precision Oncology has found that a combination of three plant-based nutrients “melts away” prostate cancer cells. The study, led by University of Texas researcher Stefano Tiziani, is entitled Combinatorial treatment with natural compounds in prostate cancer inhibits prostate tumor growth and leads to key

The World Is on the Brink of an Electric Car Revolution

The internal combustion engine had a good run. It has helped propel cars — and thus humanity — forward for more than 100 years.

But a sea change is afoot that is forecast to kick gas-powered vehicles to the curb, replacing them with cars that run on batteries