Jupiter Blessings

astroscopeSince Jupiter started moving forward again a month ago, your quest for abundance has shifted.

There is exuberance about your future – and you’re about to reach NEW evels of positive momentum!

  • On Thursday, Jupiter takes part in an exquisite “Finger of God” formation
  • On Friday Jupiter sextiles Mercury, a positive feel-good connection

The Finger of God happens July 13 and is created by Jupiter and Mercury at the base pointing to an exquisite Moon/Neptune conjunction.

Mercury will be positioned at 13° Leo on July 13, activating a 13:13 code.

Jupiter, Moon and Neptune are at 14° respectively.

Numbers 13 and 14 indicative CHANGE. 13 invites transformational change, letting go of old energy to make room for a rebirth. 14 signifies an adventurous shift, risking moving in a new direction and having fun with it.

Finger of God formations are unusual and rare.

When a Finger of God, or Yod, appears – it signifies a spiritual awakening, a special purpose. You have to TRUST the universe on how to fulfill the purpose, and trust in the natural flow of your awakening.

The Finger of God points somewhere specific – a mystery to be unraveled.

In this case the finger points to the planet Neptune which is embraced by the tender, sensitive, loving Moon – a powerful activation of unconditional love!


Mercury the Messenger and Jupiter, bringer of Joy create the base of the finger… a foundation that encourages you to be freely exuberant, happy to communicate with inner peace and with an open mind.

You come in peace and share with love.

  • Your Psychic awareness is high
  • Your dreams are deeply evocative and transformational
  • You feel a subtle merging with other dimensions
  • You can communicate ideas with sensitivity and depth
  • Mystical experiences and miracles are everywhere
  • You are recognized and feel successful.

Then on Friday the sextile between Jupiter and Mercury is exact.

July 14 has both Mercury and Jupiter at 14° – another double number activation creating an adventurous shift that sets you free.

Mercury in Leo at 14° connects your mind and heart, as your confidence soars. You feel free to just go for it.

Jupiter in Libra at 14° liberates you from co-dependency in your relationships. You crave interdependence that is rooted in total acceptance.

You feel good, your mindset is positive … as a result, you’re able to concentrate for longer periods of time, receiving a wealth of ideas. You also communicate greater ease and flow.

As we move into this positive momentum, here is Jupiter’s message to you:

  • Expand the JOY in your heart more than you could have EVER imagined!
  • Allow absolutely nothing and no-one to hold you back!

The abundance awakened by Jupiter’s positive momentum right now invites you to activate your OWN Jupiter Wealth Code. Jupiter’s placement in your birth chart describes the natural gifts you must utilize to be a powerful prosperity and abundance attractor.

You were born with Jupiter in a unique sign and in a unique astrological house.

3 Jupiter sectors are located in your astrology birth chart. They describe how you personally attract fortunate outcomes and activate abundance with the greatest ease.

Your 3 Jupiter sectors make up Your Jupiter Wealth Code.

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Love and Abundant Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P. S. Since Jupiter is moving forward with positive momentum again and poised to open opportunities in your life, it’s the perfect time to leverage the way in which YOU naturally attract abundance and joy!

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