God’s Message: Like the Water

heavenlettersDear Ones, naturally, you want Life to be amenable, easy-going, always on tap. Life is not meant to be in a furor. And so, may you be like the water.

Water has great power. It has great content. Water is for all. At the same time as you can measure it and fill containers with it and drink it and heal all that may ail you, the Value of Water is immeasurable. The Great Power of Water gently turns boulders into sandy beaches, a grain of sand at a time. Plentiful and bountiful is water like dew to replenish you.

For the most part, water enjoys lapping the shores. For the most part, water is patient. For the most part, water can wait for change. And, so, you, for the most part, want to be more like the water, calm and steady in its flow and skill in moistening dryness.

Think how clear water is and how water of itself heals the body without batting an eye. Bodies absorb the Healing Waters. Credit the Healing Body and the Beneficent Universe. How swift and agile flows the water. How the body is its own safety valve and healer. The body is its own shaman. Have confidence in the healing powers within you.

Note how great is the power of the body, the power of your body. The body more than survives — it thrives. To heal thyself is a law and blessing of the land. The Earth is its own blessing. The Earth wants you to walk on it. The Earth, the waters, the Sun and anything you think of – they bow to you as you appear to them. You are reciprocal with everything in the Universe. All the elements are each for one, and one for all. Selfishness is an illusion like any other. It is said that the entire outer world is an illusion, an illusion dear just the same.

Life on Earth cannot be considered as a little illusion. Life on Earth is an Illusion of Great Magnitude. It is a Grand Illusion. All participate in All That which seems to exist. And what an existence! Life is like a jeweled tiara. The Earth, the world, the sky are Greatness Personified. They are far more than property and oddments of Life here or there.

All of Creation kids you, yet it is nevertheless a Magnificent Kidder that houses you. Think of it — you are Creation and you live in this Yarn of Love. You are connected. Every bit of Creation serves everything else. You serve these Dreams of Mine. Did you think you didn’t?

The Path of Life, however it may meander, leads you to the awareness of Oneness. Knowingly or not, you set out to seek your fortune in the world. The fortune you seek and come to is Oneness. Your Name is Oneness. Hallowed be thy Name.

The food of the Universe is Life. It is Life on the run. The Life of Earth always seems to be in motion. Life picks up, and Life drops off. Life is always coming and going, to say nothing of what goes on beyond what is visible to your eyes.

Are not the world and Life in the world occasions for wonder? Indeed, what have We wrought? This is no wilderness you live in. It is Homegrown, this spectacular, this Moving Plane of Life.

Become not blasé about Life on this rolling planet. Welcome yourself and your Self. Welcome the seasons. Plant your crops. Grow Life, Beloveds. Meet the seasons. Cast seeds upon the Earth. Bless the world. Make it Holy. Express the Divine.


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