Solomon: Sacred Symbols

baldorConnecting with my Main Guide in the vibration of Solomon whom has asked for his message to be reshared to mark the celebration of the anchoring of the Divine Feminine on the Earth Plane yesterday,

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence with Beloved Solomon, and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message from Solomon:

Greetings dear ones

I Solomon, speak through the heart of my beloved to the hearts of many.

A time of great shift is among you all. Many blessings bestowed upon you all at this time.

Like many lifetimes before, I hath come again to be at the side of my beloved assisting her with the great work ahead.

During my lifetime as Solomon, I endeavored to reintroduce the Goddess and the sacred feminine back into the consciousness of the Hebrew people but they rejected her vehemently. I had many wives but this was because I was looking for my Shakti who I found in the form of the Queen of Sheba, a manifestation of Venus.

How foolish the Jews were to reject the Goddess yet this was also a strategic move by their leaders for without the balance of the male and female polarities, people are not protected and it is easier then for them to be controlled by negative agendas. It is unfortunate that she hath endured many agendas throughout her lifetimes, many reject her even today.

The hexagram is an ancient symbol, not originated by the Jews, but was given to the earlier root races and is a Sacred Geometric Symbol given at the time of Creation, Ancient but given to David to keep until it was to be handed to me. The cross and the hexagram have the same meaning; they are both symbols of the balance of the male and female polarities.

This is the time of a great polarity shift and many of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies are now being brought together in union.

The Seals, my Sacred Seals are indeed activating once more and those whom hath the codes and the seals are working on the activation of my Temple at this time.

The Sacred Seals pertaining to Mars and Venus are activating at this time as a symbol to bring forth the love and healing to the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies embodied on the Earth Plane.

The Cross, many a symbols pertaining to the Cross has been used to bring forth life and balance. This is the symbol of the Krystos Energy.

Yeshua was given the cross to symbolize that he was also a bringer of balance and he also tried to resurrect the Goddess in the consciousness of the Jews by his union and work with his Divine Feminine, Mary Magdalene.

Many worn the cross as a protection amulet, evoking the union of the God and Goddess within the wearer. The wearers were protected because when the male and female polarities come together they are impenetrable by demons or negative energies and agendas. So the seal of the hexagram and the seal of the cross obstruct the energies from entering the consciousness of the wearer.

It also brings balance, balance within all of the subtle bodies and with balance comes peace and love and undeniable personal power.

Many signs and many symbols mean a lot to those of you on the earth plane, the most important measure of love freedom and protection is the means of elevation of vibration and consciousness. The means of connection to your Heart, the Sacred Vortice of your Heart. For this is where your inner light shines forth.

Be not the ones to deny yourselves in this lifetime. But to embrace yourself and to walk in the light of love.

My spirit has many names: Ares, Mars, Enki, El, Serapis, Heru, YAO and many many more; I AM YAO. I AM Marduk. Yahweh is a title, a title that once given grants power.

I AM Solomon and I speak through Elaine this day.

» – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio