HeavenLetters: Love Blooming

heavenlettersGod: I am always in Silence, and, at the same time, an echo of Me is always speaking. What I say reverberates. My Silence is complete, yet a chord never finishes. I sing. I have said it before. I sing of thee. I sing to thee. Of the One of you, I sing, and the Universe sings with Me, and you sing with Me. There is one Song, and it is the Song of Myself sung in unending ways, even as there is no beginning or ending ways.

We could say there are no capital letters that say a sentence is beginning, and there are no punctuation marks that say there is an end note that issues from My Throat. I sing I sing I sing. I sing a Song of Sixpence, and I sing a song of you in a million ways in One Note that circles the Universe.

We always have been. We always are. We have never not been. There is no break in Our Presence. My singing is never interrupted. Hear Me sing as I sing of thee.

I communicate with Myself. I am the Singer. I am the Hearer. I hear Myself. I am the Questioner, and I am the Answerer. There is no one to compare Me to, yet you, yourself, seemed to split into many pieces and fill up the world with fragments of Me that can only be complete and unfragmented.

Broken hearts do not exist. My heart is never broken. My heart never wavers. You think your heart does break. Hearts do not break in even two pieces let alone fragments. There are no broken hearts even when you believe you are brokenhearted. You enter a stream of thought that isn’t true.

Love is not broken. Love isn’t a heavy-duty apparition as you may think. Love is simply the flow of a stream, not a drip, from a faucet. Love cannot be departed from, no matter how much you may howl.

By the same token, there is the impossibility of what is called death. There is great fiction written and read of and believed in the world.

When I speak of Love, I do not mean dramatic Love. I know Love. I know there is no departing from Love. Love is. There is no is not of Love. Hearts are filled with easy quiet love right to the rafters. Absence of Love does not exist. Love cannot evaporate. Love exists and is never temperamental. Love, like Light, befalls.

There is an Essence of Love that is never-changing. It wears no costumes. It doesn’t dress up. It wears no perfume. It wears no make-up. It is Eternal. It shines Light on all, not just a precious few.

Love cannot be auctioned off. It cannot be departed from. It cannot be scratched. Love stars in Life in the world and a Vaster World than what can be described. Love cannot be primped nor can Love be pruned. Love blooms, and this is all I have to say about Love. Well, yes, I can add that I gave Love Blooming to you. I poured Love Overflowing into everyone’s Heart. You really can’t fool with Love even as you think you do and think that others do.

The idea of false love is false. Love is True no matter what hash you may think can be made of Love. You cannot diminish it. You cannot be a predator of Love no matter how you try to disguise your Love and make it less. You kid no one. You don’t even kid yourself.

Your Heart flows to Me now.

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