Heavenletters: God Is Your Destiny

heavenlettersGod said:

From the Cloister of your Heart, came I. You found Me. This is Word and Deed as One. You thought that I had found you. Yet, never were you missing from Me.

You stumbled on Me. Somewhere in the Cloisters of your Heart and Mind, I appeared. You think Cloisters must come from somewhere within a nunnery. Beloveds, you can come near to Me from anywhere. There are no limits.

The fact is I will have My Will, and you are My Will. You, whoever you may be or think you are or think you are not, you are a beautiful woven cloth of My Will spread on Earth. I ask all to harken to Me.

Come forward. Be bold. What you may call bold may well be simple Naturalness untrammeled.

Think for a moment. If you are not what you call bold now, when will you dare to be? Bold is authentic. If you are not already authentic, likely you were scared off.

The world feels that it has every right to stand in your way. Only in the world does it take derring-do to reveal yourself.

In Heaven, We are inseparable. What did you think Oneness was if not moving as One, or sitting still as One, or in the public arena as One, even appearing in Madison Square Garden. Yes, even in a boxing arena there is a garden that can lead you to your Destiny. I am your Destiny.

Right in this unheard of moment, you come closer to Me which is exactly where you are.

Yes, where you happen to be is right where you are meant to be. You came here. You got to be here, even as you aren’t quite sure where here actually is. You have thought here to be many things, including even in the grape vines of Heaven, as you follow after Me, as you follow your own Lit Star to Me, your own Heart to Me. Of course, this is exactly what is happening.

Regardless, I have a Bright Star that you follow, and that you are compelled to follow by whatever circuitous route you do. The path to Me may indeed go around in circles. Nevertheless, your path will lead you to me. Never were you far from Me. Try as you may, and sometimes you do try to fly away from Me, you will find yourself right smack where you came from.

Isn’t it peculiar that you may actively push yourself away from My Presence for one unseemly reason or another? I tell you to step right up. I take you by the hand or by your elbow. I don’t have to lead you with incense or rose petals or one thing or another.

Your arrival at My Open Door is no surprise to Me, none whatsoever. It may indeed be a surprise to you and a surprise a long time coming. You may have flown under My Radar your whole life long. No matter, you will wake up to Me, Who Art your very Self. What took you so long, your Heart finally cries out, and you dance a jig as only Happiness can.

Whew, you arrived. Feel free to be excited at your arrival. It is a given, yet you can take it as a gift which it is surely is. It is a gift you give yourself. You don’t know ahead of time how it will be wrapped or even wrapped at all. The thing is: This gift reaches you fair and square in Good Grace, just as I always knew it would. It was a foregone conclusion that you would know Oneness with Me. Hallelujah!



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff