Heavenletters: Commitment

heavenlettersGod said:

Let My thoughts be yours.

Catch on to My thinking.

Absorb it.

Enough of your own.

You have chosen folly.

Now choose love.

Serve Me.

Enough of this self-serving of your imaginary self.

Serve Truth.

Be a servant of Truth instead of a purveyor of illusion.

Let Us talk a moment of convenience. How much has convenience ruled your life?

Convenience isn’t the same as ease.

Serving your convenience is another form of control that you exert.

Convenience is sort of an opposite to commitment.

When you make a commitment, you are telling yourself what is true.

But you do not know how to reconcile making a commitment and being free.

But there is One to Whom you can make a commitment. There is One to Whom you must, because without that commitment, you are bound.

You free yourself by coming to Me.

You allay your fears by coming to Me.

Your big fear has been to come to Me, for you see that commitment as loss, when, all the while, bondage to the illusory world is what you will let go of. What do you lose when you gain freedom? But freedom is not a passing convenience.

You hold on to your imagined sovereignship for dear life, and you call it convenience. You sleep a little longer, and you call that freedom. Often what My children call freedom is a poor choice. It is more of a declaration than a choice.

Make your own declaration of independence, and make it with Me. Unfurl yourself from the dictatorship of your life that you have imposed upon yourself.

Be My love.

Set My flag up, not your solitary one.

You have been a man on a little island, proudly waving your flag over two feet of space.

Abandon selfishness. Abandon convenience. Join with Me. You can no longer live on your island. You must abdicate your wobbly throne there and sit high with Me on a golden throne that covers creation.

Master love rather than convenience.

The mastery of love is surrender to that which is greater than your imagined wants.

Get back on course.

Address your heart to Me.

Give it to Me.

Give it to Me in trust of Me and not of yourself. You are not so dependable. You rule by whim. I rule by love. Whim is not freedom. Love is.

Today deliver yourself to Me.

Unwrap your bondage.

Come unadorned.

Come as you are, a perfect child of God who leaves behind chains of ignorance. What is your ego but ignorance?

What is love but Truth?

The truth is that you are My love bequeathed to Myself for your sake.

Look at Me.

Be not afraid.

Looking at Me is gain.

Looking away is less than gain.

Be My friend.

Come to Me now.

You commit yourself to work, family, sport, entertainment. Now add Me.

I offer you a gift, and you hesitate.

You fear something is being asked of you that you are not ready for.

I am what you have always been ready for.

I am your Readiness, but I may not be your convenience.

Convenience is not spontaneity.

Make a commitment, and a union is formed. You say you want unity when you choose other than Our unity. You want a name perhaps more than you want Me.

It is time for you to find out where you are. Where have you been? Wrapped up in some dream of self-sufficiency, when, all along, only I am sufficient?

You hobble over stones rather than follow Me. You hold on to your little hierarchy and abandon Truth for the nothingness of your self-imposed ignorance.

Pull down that flag you have put up on your island.

Join forces with Me.

Raise a flag that says God.

Accept Our Oneship.

Accept My love and make it yours.

Let Me be your guide rather than imagined convenience.

I am the Easy Way Out. I am the Way In. I am the Way.

Admit you have been lost and following other lostness. Now follow the One Who Knows and Who clasps you to His Heart. Form a partnership with Me, and you will be One Great Big Giver of Truth.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff