Message from the Fates

gods lightI have been working closely the past few months with the energies of Merlin, the Druids (Celtic Shamanism), and dragons. Today, I went on a journey to connect with Merlin and found myself on a trail that headed into the deep forest. As I followed the trail I could smell the deep forest and feel the calm that descends over me when I connect with the healing of nature.

Ahead I saw a cave and instinctively knew I was to enter. When I did I saw three old women with long grey hair sitting on one side of a fire and Merlin was on the other. I was invited to sit next to Merlin. Once I sat down and really looked at the women, I was shocked to see the Fates. In Greek Mythology they are the three weaving goddesses who are said to assign destinies to humans when they are born. The one in the middle held out her hands and invited me to put my hands in hers. As I did, her sisters touched the sides of my hands. They began to talk to me and allowed me to ask questions. When I asked about what I feel to be is the return of Magic and magical beings into our realm they gave me a message. As they began Merlin looks at me and says “You need to remember this”. The Fates were gracious enough to allow me to record what I received on my phone.

They took turns giving me this message:

What Was, IS

And will always Be

Unravel the lies, the deception

You will come back to the core truths

Time and time again.

It is no longer the time of weaving

But of unweaving

To see all that is left behind.

Look to the stars

Look to the trees

Look to your heart

They all hold the answers you seek.

Your path is long

But it is straight,

It is only your mind

That makes you think you have a choice.

There is no choice

But to be who you are.

There is much to learn and unlearn.

With that, they released my hands and stood to take their leave. I thanked them for their time and the messages they shared and asked if I could share the message. They responded with:

It is our pleasure.

Each will interpret on thier own

We leave you with one word


In it you will always find your path

and your next step. 

It was an amazing message as it really hit home that it is the mind that makes this journey seem convoluted or winding when in fact the path is straight. It is the path of the heart. There is no choice really. Once the switch of awakening (or unraveling) has been flipped all we can do is figure out who we are at our core and act accordingly.

What was also very intriguing is the first line, “What was, IS”. This was in regards to magic and the beings that we have long considered mythical. As they were speaking my mind flashed to Brigid, Danu, and Morgana and so many others. It is not that these beings are returning, it is that the veils are lifted so that we can see what has always been.

It is really an amazing time! I am sending you much love. <3

Jenny Schiltz.



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