New Sun, New Human, New Reality

147303888573251Greetings friends! From heart to heart with infinite love in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj.

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart. Release all, find the peace and the truth will reveal itself.

The level of awareness does not matter because now even the least aware on planet Earth are feeling the changes. Every soul knows that something is occurring, even the animals are behaving differently. Nature itself, weather patterns are changing.

At one time, the least aware, now on our planet are beginning to wonder, to question the old ways, the everyday life chores, they are saying perhaps this so called normal way of life is not normal at all.

This is do to the vibrational changes in our Sun, being infused with the more refined energies coming from the Great Central Sun of our galaxy.

This new energy is affecting everything on Earth, however the energy of the heart of every person on Earth also has an impact on these changes, how the energies unfold, it is different for all. You will experience that which you hold in your heart.

It is now time for the ego-mind to take the passenger seat, know its role as a follower, not a leader. The heart must lead the way.

It is true, you always have a choice, freewill will never be taken away from you. But, if you wish to remain here on Earth and to experience peace on Earth, THE CHOICE IS LOVE.

Your other choice is to leave Earth and continue your lessons where you left off else where.

The old Earth Matrix is dissolving, the old thought patterns are dissolving with it, and if you do not change your thoughts, your ways, so too will your physical body.

This is not meant to cause fear, this is not about one being better than another, this is not about good verses evil. This is about Earth choosing her new reality for herself and her children, for she has endured enough.

If you wish to remain on Earth, you will choose love and you will move not one but ten steps ahead in your own spiritual evolution.

Let Love Be Your Intention.
From Heart to Heart, KejRaj.