Utilizing the Full Moon: Transcending Archetypes

astrology eraoflightBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Intentional resolution of old timelines, within your own lifestream as well as collectively, is a Lightworker focus of this Full Moon weekend. Gatekeeping, Gridwork, Lightwork, or any kind of ceremony to call forth the highest Ascension timelines is amplified in this pre-eclipse passage. We connect as One from the Full Moon on Saturday, July 8th at 9:08pm PDT through SUNday in sacred ceremony.

Collectively we are utilizing the Full Moon as a trigger point. Participate in this timeline-shifting activity, Beloveds. These passages are open for all willing souls choosing love and empowerment. Join us in Divine radiance for our SUNday global Unity Meditations to create peace and support for all concerned.

Transcending Archetypes

Lower timelines drop away as the higher realities of Christ consciousness are embodied. The archetypal realities of Old Earth are rapidly transmuted. The templates for spirit-in-form have changed, as well as the record of our journeys here, including behaviors, thoughts, habits, beliefs. Applicable archetypes which bridge the worlds, like the Solar Cosmic Christ, are embodied en masse as the new templates emerge.

We create new foundations during this passage; templates to transition us to the new experience. Divine HUmans abandon the old definitions, and transcend the patterns of the past. Shedding old archetypes is similar to shedding lower timelines; there can be much entanglement which seeks a new home when the energetic support is gone.

Personally, we choose to engage with evolution and stay a step ahead with our ascension process. When enough of us choose to embody the new type – the Divine HUman – we shift into high gear on a collective level. It dissolves archetypes which are not applicable to the new realities, the higher timelines. All of these events are vibrationally orchestrated; each step synching with another, influencing various aspects of our journey. This creates massive acceleration in the Shift, such as timeline and density drop-off.

Stronger Activations Anticipated

There is a lot occurring at once; complexity and revelation are ever-increasing. Stay flexible about belief systems, religious or new age judgments; especially when they cause a habitual emotional reaction.  As always, take a look at where your triggers are coming from. Keep in heart that judgment and discernment are different things.

The High Vibe Tribe is experiencing dramatic shifts in the DNA, our bridge to the higher realities. While it is ironic that this level of awakening requires so much sleep, it is essential to allow the rewriting of form to occur.

Body transfiguration also includes movement whenever possible, so be sure to oxygenate and keep your meridians flowing (exercise, walk in nature, yoga, etc.) whenever you feel capable. Test out the new DNA; I had a few knock-out days followed by very physically active ones. The key is to be present with it, and ask the body to show you the upgrades. Between the next phase of Solar activity and the activation of the New Earth Grids, we need to get out on Gaia to receive and activate the organic Ascension codes.

Extra hydration is important, since we use and lose water with the upgrade process. Kundalini transmutation burn-off (the heat, electric sensations, sweats) requires more water by day. Also, the pineal gland functions more easily when hydrated. Bless and activate your water with intention, and drink up.

Now Co-Creations

Even with the dissolving timelines, aligned creations still manage to magically land in the linear. The great reorganization of realities makes creations phase in and out of time (just like us). Ideas present, then disappear as if they have already been completed. This is purposeful; it teaches us cosmic timing, surrender, and sensitivity to the Now moment.

Blessings for our sacred Full Moon ceremonies! Gratitude for holding the highest intent of Ascension in every thought, word, action and deed.

In Love, Light and Service,

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