Goddess of Creation: Become Your Authentic Self

thebluerayNama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you wherever you are in this now moment.

The amazing aspect of energy is that you need not be physically present in order to be in alignment with other people. Your intention will bring this entire group together. You may live in any place around the world, you may tune into this at any given time; and yet everyone is together in this now moment.

Nama Sika – I AM the one. Each one of you as you listen to that phrase, or say it to yourself, you are bringing in your expanded self and you are focusing within yourself. Venia benya – I AM the whole. You are a part of the whole and as each part becomes the whole the whole expands.

So much energy, so much transformation and the wonderful part about all of this is that you may participate in it as much or as little as you so choose.

There are times when I tap into other people’s consciousness in terms of as people come into this group, gathering, I’ll tap into what people are thinking or what they consider. The topic that seems to come up again and again is that sense that through channeling you are listening to either I the Goddess, the Angels, the Archangels, the Star Beings, the Light Workers, the Reiki Masters, the other Ancient One’s, the Great White Brotherhood, the list is massive that people have the opportunity to connect with and communicate.

The sense that we, the group just mentioned, are somewhere out in the very distant future, past, present, but in a very different time space reality. You may consider that difference a dimension, a different dimension, because yes we are in a higher vibration. You may consider the energies of the Universe as quite different from the energies of the Earth because yes they are. But here is a very important fact or piece of information, and that is, that no matter where you are there is always a bond or a link that is available to you.

You the person living in your everyday life are the human with the physicality, with thoughts and beliefs, with emotions that you feel, with a Soul that creates all of you in this lifetime. The culmination of all of that has become the unique individual that you are. An important part of this is for you to know that through your spirit through, through your soul, there is a direct link that takes you into your soul, meaning the soul that is all of you not just the person in this lifetime.

Sometimes the question arises what is most important, the human living your life or your soul connection that is ever present. It’s really not about one being more important than the other it’s about the realization that you would not be human without that stream or link to your divinity; therefore that is a key part of who you are. But you also wouldn’t be the individual you are without having lived your life and have the experiences that you have had, made the decisions that you have made, had the relationships that you had. All of that has created who you are in this now moment.

It is through your alignment to the divine that you are on a more even vibrational alignment with all the energies we spoke of earlier. So that becomes the conduit that allows you to expand into new beginnings, be it through your divinity and your higher self, or through your everyday reality. Everything that has created you the human keeps you within that which you call your Ego. Any change or anything new coming into your life comes in through your right brain and your soul, or your spirit. They then form that integration or that balance within you the Human.

Take a moment to look around and as you do so breathe deeply breathing all the way down into the earth. As you become consciously aware of your physical reality and where you are right now there will also be a part anchoring you into the Earth. From there that energy comes back up through you and you send it out through the top of your head. It just naturally streams into the space of your higher self.

The more that we speak about that flow and the more that you practice allowing your consciousness to move into that space, the easier it becomes for you so that it is just happens in the background without you even thinking about it.

Here within your Higher Self look around. Does it look the same as a location that you took a moment to pay attention too, or does it look completely different? You are expanding your consciousness into this space. This is where you blend and you communicate with your angels and your guides. So too it is where you come and practice those things that you like to manifest in your life. So just take a deep breath and let yourself be present within the space. As you do so feel, or see, or sense what is here for you. It may be that there are certain things that you release that are no longer important for you to have within your life so you let it go. You will find that everything that you have released creates a new beginning for something else to come into your life.

Expand your consciousness even further. This time you just follow that column of light, or that stream, or that thread of energy that is linking you the human with your divinity. As you follow this you will just gently find yourself nudging up against a ball of energy. It may seem to you as if it is a cloud you are bumping into. Some people have a sense of it shaped like a human. Some people hear tones or see colors. This is your divinity. This is your spirit. This is your soul. This is your God source. This is your home.

Allow yourself to merge. All you have to do is just have that sense of merging into these energies and the other aspects of you that have lived in other lifetimes, or have evolved through different situations are here embracing you; welcoming you into the space. As you look around perhaps certain things will come to your awareness, perhaps they will be indistinct.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all who are here. I reach out to you. I reach out to embrace you the person in this lifetime that is choosing to consciously be here, but I also embrace all of who you are that your divinity is illuminating for you so you may know what that means. As our energies merge into one we shift into the space of the All That Is.

I love coming to this area with all of you. I love feeling the vibration that emanates from the pure creativity that each one of you are stepping into. I love feeling you as your soul and you as your human. As we look around this can be a very busy place. Many of your Angels and Light Beings are waiting here for you so that they may work with you. Take a moment to feel what this is or see.

There is so much that I wish to speak with you about or work with you upon. I’m considering various ways in which to begin. I ask you a question. Who are you? I can tell those of you who have been in a journey similar to this before and those of you that this may be your very first time. Indeed some who have been in here many times before or continue to have the similar response as others.

When I asked that question there was a much larger number that stated to me I AM That I AM. Meaning I am my Soul, I am the person I incarnated as in this lifetime and I am the All That Is. Well you didn’t say it exactly like that, but that was the intention. I also heard people saying I am my Soul, ever-changing, living again and again through experiences upon the Earth. Okay I just heard you say and out in the universe.

I did hear people beginning to list the things that they do in their life; such as I am the mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the boss, the employee, the friend. So for that group may I suggest to you those are the tasks or the experiences of this life? Take a step away from that and go inside almost as if you are breathing and you are finding that energy of going inside your heart or into the center of your consciousness once more and ask who am I? This time allow that response to come up from within you from that space of your Soul. There we go.

The reason that it is important for you to know this is because you as the Soul that lives on forever and ever is truly who you are. Allow that to just move up and down through your consciousness going into every layer and every level within you. As you do so, feel the expansion of your heart. Feel the love. Feel and experience all that is you.

I invite you to now to have a sense of shifting your focus or looking in a different direction, and as we shift your focus let us begin to consider your life. I invite you to consider this in a couple of different ways. Some see it in a linear fashion as if you are where you are and you are going backwards in time. Others see it and it is a linear fashion spread out in front of them. It matters not what technique you use, but what I would like for you to do in this now moment is consider your life and consider at least three things that just stand out to you, or just come into your awareness whenever you say, “What stands out in my life.” Indeed most people have a lot more than 3 and this is why it can become confusing.

Let us take that first thing that came to your mind. As you think about that you see it illuminating in front of you. Was this traumatic? Was it a happy occasion? Look around at the people that were around you during the situation. Is this a time that you felt very supported in your life? Okay I heard some people say no. So breathe down inside of you, within you, within your consciousness and if there are any hooks, or any trauma left over from this situation, whatever it was let’s just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up; ~whew~ let it go.

There are fireworks outside the window. So we said let it go and the fireworks exploded with the sound. Look at this situation once more and if it was a very warm loving supporting time in your life then let yourself once more bask and their energy and we will shift it to the side.

Consider the second thing that had come up for you as you think about your life. Was this perhaps a turning point? Was it a time when you needed to make decisions? As you consider past decisions that you have made take yourself back into that moment. Instead of looking backwards at it take yourself back into that moment when you were having to make these decisions. Once more let yourself be in those energies.

Who you were at that time was the culmination of your life experiences. You made the choice that was to the best of your abilities at that time, and I hear a number of you saying, “I knew I was making the wrong decision, but I made it anyway.” Okay, take this moment, looking at the decisions that were made, and if you need to forgive yourself for the many, many times that you beat yourself up over that decision do it right now. Once again breathe down inside of your consciousness and inside of yourself and if you need to forgive yourself, or if you have been giving yourself a hard time about certain decisions, then now is the time to let that go. So you bring it up bring it up bring it up ~whew~, and let that go.

For all of you that are considering the decisions you made and how they positively impacted in your life let all of that consciousness and all of that support once more flow through you, as if you once more bask in the vibration and the energy of the decision that supported you, perhaps took you in a new direction, but it allowed you to expand who you are. I find that most of these are blend of both. Things that supported yourself you and things that did not or that pulled you down.

Let us now shift. We allow all of that to go to the side again and let us look at a third situation. In this situation….. I am trying to read everyone’s energy and consider the words to us, but in truth what I am asking you to do is to consider a situation in your life that was significant to you and then just look at it objectively. We looked at one that was someone in your past. We looked at one that was someone at a crossroads and the decision-making that was involved in it, but perhaps look at something that was significant in your life, but perhaps it didn’t involve a dramatic change. Perhaps it was important to you or significant to you; but it was just an awareness.

No I am hearing from more people that the three things that came to them created change in their life, so we will separate this into a couple of different things. If there was something that was just important to you, but it didn’t really change your reality, you take that in and you allow it to be within your space.

For those that are showing me that this was another situation that created a new reality for you, then consider what led up to that decision or what led up to the relationships, taking into your awareness that it was an experience. Perhaps it felt divinely guided like this is exactly what I needed to doing. Perhaps it felt as if I have arrived it what I wanted and now where am I going to go. Perhaps another scenario was, I am still waiting and I have tried this, and I have tried this, but I am still waiting.

So as you can see, there many different situations that can cause significant events to take place in your life and we just looked at 3, maybe 4, maybe 5. Ha ha I’m laughing because you said 3, but I added a few more in there. My intention though is for you to just be aware of your life and some of the hills and valleys, and some of those things that had a great impact upon you, so that you can just look at them now with the eyes of your divinity.

So be it that any of those three that we have consciously discussed, or be at something else in your unconscious. I invite you to let go any feelings that you have against yourself, when you have been harsh, when you have been critical, when you’ve been judgmental. If there are any situations in your life, and it may be that they just kind of pop up and you don’t need to look at them, but anytime at all in which you are harsh, critical, judgmental or you give yourself a hard time allow that to come up within you. Bring it up bring it up bring it up. ~whew~ let it go.

I invite you to consider your life in a different way. When you are looking at your life in the way we did it was coming through your mental body and your left brain. You were looking at it, analyzing it, considering it and it is what I asked you to do. This is all being filtered through your life experiences and that through your life experiences and that filter can be skewed or it can be crystal clear. But it is what it is. It is the expression of you in your life as you take in, perceiving not only yourself but everyone else around you.

Now if you can consciously shift over into more of that right brain aspect of you, which is your divinity or your God source that you are standing within right now. So without analyzing these experiences just allow yourself to be in their presence from the perspective of the divinity. It may take you a time or two to practice tuning off your mental body, but take this moment and be in the presence from the perspective of Soul. It is quite different is it not?

Those times when you were hard on yourself there is only unconditional love and it is like there is a bigger and bigger and bigger wave that was there and available to you, and you turned your back upon yourself and you ignored it, or you just allowed a little bit to come in. This is not set with criticism or judgement it is said with perception.

There is other situations when your soul or your divinity is looking at you saying Bravo, way to go. Now you see just how powerful and how strong you are, and you can see it because you are seeing it through the eyes of soul and you know that it is you and that it is your ability. Allow all of that to wash through you. Just let go. Feel the integration of your soul.

As you think about your life I invite you to look at it or consider it through the eyes of love. Love is the foundation of your divinity and if you can therefore look at every single situation with an open heart and with love, then you are looking at your entire life with the eyes of compassion, through the eyes of forgiveness, through the eyes of acceptance. If those were the primacy adjectives to think about when you consider your life how different would that be.

It will raise you up. It will lift you into a higher vibration. It will give you a new opportunity to express yourself. It will fill you with laughter, with joy and it changes everything. You can still go back into those situations, perhaps relationships, perhaps your job, perhaps those things that you were in the process of transitioning. You go back into them looking or sensing with the eyes of love, compassion, joy. You may see things completely different. You may sense opportunities that were there all along, but you missed them because you were instead focusing in a different direction.

In everything you do there are options available and in any decision that you make is the decision made in that now moment and it is what it is. If you don’t like it you turn a corner make a new decision. If you don’t like that turn another corner and you make a new decision. It is you. These are opportunities and if you find that you are having to make change upon change upon a change, then clear it all out, rebalance or re-center your alignment to your Soul, and then listen to your Soul. Because from that higher perspective you can see, sense, feel, know things that the human cannot always see, sense or know. So listen to that inner voice. Listen to that the emotions that a guiding you through joy, through laughter, true happiness, true excitement. Those are your guiding forces in your life.

Take a moment. Take a step back and as you look again at your life do you find that some of the things have dissolved and are no longer within your consciousness. So too do you find that some of those other experiences have transitioned and you see them with new eyes. Do you perhaps also see some opportunities around you? Maybe to go in a completely different direction, do something you have never done before. Start now. Take those steps. Begin to move down that path and as you do so your spirit will continue to give you new opportunities and potentials that you may step into.

There we go. I can feel it just kind of settling into you. Your life is something that you choose to experience therefore choose in a way that feels good. Choose the laughter. Choose the excitement. Choose your divinity.

As I made that last statement I could hear other people saying, ‘but I am married and my spouse and I have to make decisions together. But I work for a company and it is not up to me to make those decisions. But I am incapacitated I can’t help myself’. So these are but a few of the reasons of why people feel that they cannot respond from Soul.

You are making decisions with others, but the more that you are centered and balanced as you communicate with those other people as the decisions are being made you are bringing the highest potential, or the highest vibration, into the discussion. What that will do is give that other person that opportunity to shift into the higher vibration of their divinity also. For that person that it says, “I’m just here I don’t make a decision I don’t have anything to do with it”. You do have something to do with it, because as you sit or stand or express yourself from your divinity you will respond in one way or another to the situations in which you find yourself.

You may not make the decisions or make the rules, but you can choose to say ‘well I may not like it but I am choosing to live today, or work this job, or have this experience for whatever the reason. Therefore I still remain in balance with my divinity’. You may say, “Well I’m in balance with my divinity and I’m listening to these voices and I can therefore no longer support the situation and it is my time to leave”. So begin to look around for something that does support you.

For the person that felt incapacitated and having no power of their own, then open up, feel the flow, allow for all of that to move into you, be it conscious or unconscious, because it will begin to give you a new perspective. You are in the direct flow and alignment from your divinity, whether you know it or not. A feeling of being incapacitated or completely out of control is because you are not feeling the strength of your divinity. So open up that alignment, open up that flow. We need not choose anything to do with it, just open it up and allow it to fill you up. It may be tiny, tiny pieces, but you will get stronger and empowered before you know it.

So these were just three situations where people felt disempowered within themselves or as if someone else had the control and the power in the situation. You take back your power by becoming that alignment and the expression of your divinity. When someone is in the power of who they are you need not control anybody else. You need not control any situation. You need only be who you are. Your strength, your balance, your awareness will trickle out from you and as a magnet draws to you potentials that represent a balance similar to yours.

I see you. I see you expanding. I see you realizing that you do have options and you do have potentials. Breathe it in. Let yourself smile as big as can be and be you, your authentic self.

Some of you may choose to remain here continuing to integrate these energies and playing with them. For the rest I invite you to come back together as a group. As you come back within this group you see coming up the Hologram of the Earth. The Hologram is changing. It looks different than it has in the past. It is becoming more transparent, but this one in particular is infused with like a crystalline pink energy, pink of love, pink of intrinsic. But it’s also representing the balance of you knowing yourself and each one of you send that into the Hologram. As you let it flow through your consciousness all of the transitioning that you did tonight just send that down into the Hologram. There is all of which you are aware plus more of what you are unaware and everything finds that flow and that balance.

As it becomes illuminated we released the Hologram. It moves down. There is that part that goes out to the universe creating that balance within the universal light. The remainder goes down into the Earth. As it goes into the Earth it anchors within the center of the Earth. It mixes with the Crystals, the Gases, the Granite and it all comes up. It’s like it goes out in concentric circles, all of the energies and all of the vibrations of integration that took place so your own energy comes up within you. It comes up beneath you. It comes up through you lower root centers, your chakras. Coming up and moving into your heart center and then it expands outwards through your mental, emotional, spiritual being.

Allow this to integrate in a very conscious way within you. You’re letting go of your thoughts. You’re letting go of everything that’s cleared out in the All That Is and instead you are integrating much more of your own divinity. So too it comes up throughout the entire world clearing out the collective consciousness and giving potential for the infusion of light.

So too you reach back up bringing down from the All That Is the remainder of your consciousness. You just have that intention of bringing it down into you. You flow through your divinity. You flow through your higher self, and as you breathe deeply you just bring it all the way down grounding yourself back within the physical presence. As you do so take a moment and feel who you are. Take a moment and consider your life through the eyes of love and the divine. You let all of that stay within and around continuing to integrate.

Here you are in your life. Here you are expressing your divinity as the person that you are. Here you are considering the many experiences that have made up this reality. Take a moment and consider what reality you want to be the most predominant within your life.

Choose what feels happy, choose love, choose excitement, choose that which is the expression of you as your authentic self. Authentic meaning for you within expressed through your everyday reality.

Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you.


» Source – Channel: Shelly Dressel