Energy Update: Ancestral & Past Lifetime Healings

energy updateDear Beautiful Souls!

We have quite a bit coming up on a cosmic scale. This Energy Report will break down the cosmic influences coming into play over the next month, and how to navigate these energies.

  • New Moon in Leo July 23rd
  • The full moon Lunar Eclipse on August 7 falls at 15º Aquarius decan 2.
  • Aug 8th 8.8.8. Lion’s Gate
  • The Solar Eclipse on Aug 21 2017 falls at 28º Leo decan 3.
  • Chiron In Retrograde until December 5th.

New Moon in Leo on July 23rd sets the stage for the upcoming Full Moon solar eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th. The battling energies between Leo & Aquarius are a fight for Independence! You will find your emotions shifting back and forth from firey Leo to watery emotional Aquarius.

As past lifetimes and lineages of ancetral healings surface through these energies you may finding this playing out in this lifetime through the older, set in their ways baby boomers in your life, to the self entitled millennials who are pressing your buttons. This is creating a push – pull effect and you’re in the middle. The millennials have no tolerance for those who don’t want to change, and are set in boring routines. The millennials love to shake things up and value independence, change, the new and exciting. They want to break down the old, set in the way, boring routines and create action in a new direction. If you are in your 40s/50s, and have a parent living with you, and your children who are teenagers, you will see this dynamic playing out now. You are the change agent that is being put to task! The key word here is independence, and the burning of all that is no longer in proper alignment.

As past lives and 1000s of years of ancetral healings take place from now until December 5th when Chiron stations Direct, you can expect huge life changing experiences to occur in your current lifetime. This is to set you on the course for what is in your proper alignment. All that was creating destructive patterns through ancestral density are lifted away now, and this heals your lineage for generations to come. There are some baby boomers who will not make it through this shift, and choose to transition to their new realm. Although this may be painful and difficult, understand this is their choice to clear their own karma to heal and then exist in light body form, released from years of density. The soul is everlasting and many of these will now become guides from the other side.

Right in the middle of these lunar/solar events, The 888 Lion’s Gateway and Portal happens on August 8th. As Sirius falls into alignment specific codes are unlocked, and key codes are triggered within to dial up another DNA upgrade. New downloads of information will be received as new upgrades take place. The energy of 888 and August 8th shifts at midnight off the 7th to a lighter, more jovial energy that’s felt. As the hours progress dimensional shifts and timeline jumping occurs for rapid healing to occur. It is no mistake that The Wounded Healer Chiron stationed Retrograde on June 30th through December 5th. This to aide in ancestral lineage healing and past lifetime healings to bring you to the, 888 Lion’s Portal of August 8th, for the shifts in perception and awareness to see through the veils of deception. To create a new dimensional awareness for yourself that is in your new proper alignment.

You can expect the firey Leo energy to burn through any other lower densities that have been plaguing you as the Solar Ecplise in Leo occurs on the 21st of August.

In addition to all of these cosmic influences, you can expect solar flares, and geomagnetic storms to “push” you along in this process.

This Energy signature will force change, and will push one out of their comfort zones into the unexpected, but to the exciting, new possibilities that lie ahead.

Navigating this energy will be tricky as you will not only see it playing out in your life, but everyone else’s you are close to, or encounter. Before making any life altering decisions concerning family, wait until after the solar ecplise on August 21st for the firey Leo embers to cool down.

Patience will be put to the test during the next month. Agitation and aggressions will surface as multi layered healings occur and are released out of your field. Remember to ground daily, take time for you for self care and self love.

As September approaches, a whole new you will begin to emerge into the crystalline light body, and Lightworker role you’ve been procrastinating moving forward on. A huge pull in moving to your proper aligned destination will become evident over the next month. And that move will occur as all begins to shift into your new alignment.

Throughout the next month you will notice your psychic abilities and gifts becoming more powerful. Your intuition guiding your way. You will be given many signs and synchrnonicities to assist you on your path from your Guides and Angels. You will notice the Divine Feminine and Goddess Energies becoming more prevalent in your life.

A softer side will emerge after the solar eclipse on the 21st. Quite a bit of introspection and alone time will be calling you over the next month. Be sure to honor this time with yourself to create the breakthroughs necessary to take you to your next aligned level. Your connection to all that is grows more. Your cosmic, as above, will connect to your new Earth, so as below. Who had psychic abilities go offline for further density clearing, now come back online as the key codes trigger within from the Lion’s Portal. This is what we’ve been waiting for. This next push in evolutionary ascension will propel many onto their next, higher evolved levels to continue their works in other meaningful ways.

Exciting times ahead! Be ever present in your here and now as each stage presents itself to you. Each holds the magic to bring you higher in frequency, higher evolved as a light body being. And into your properly aligned new dimensional awareness on New Earth. Tap into your higher self for the answers you seek. The codes will be aligning your frequency to retrieve this information.

Much love, light and blessings to you on your continued journey.


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