The Arcturians: You Are Moving Between Many Levels of Dimensionality

arcturians“We are the Arcturians. And we thank you and we offer you our blessings for welcoming us here, to this beautiful Gathering of Lights of Love! For that is how we see you, and that is how you are seen throughout the entirety of the Universe. And, yes, we are members of the group that have come to bring messages to this Ashtar On The Road Family and, indeed, to all of Planet Earth. And in that capacity we are One. And we are speaking with One voice! It is not necessary to identify us as individuals for this purpose. It is rather to know that we bring the Love, the science, and the spiritual connections of Arcturus to you!

“And yet beyond our Oneness, we are One with The Mentors. We are One with the Ashtar On The Road Family. We are One with the Humanity of Planet Earth and indeed, we are One with all beings in the Universe who carry the Light of Love within their beings! There really is no such thing as separation except what might exist in some levels of what you call your ‘third dimension.’ You are transitioning now, and some of you may be recognizing that you indeed carry the Arcturian genetics within yourselves.

“And yet, there is a mixture because you are all adventurers or explorers of some kind or other. And you are teachers at the same time. So you are learning. You are teaching as you progress through your various lifetimes. And this is a component, a very necessary component of what we call wisdom!

“What is knowledge anyway, except that which resonates as Truth within you!!! And your Truth may be different from your neighbors,’ but there are certain wisdoms which are universal. You have already heard them spoken of. The most profound, as is often the case, requires the least amount of words to be spoken – WE ARE ONE!!! We are God, or we are Divine. We are Love. We are Light. And even if you put those altogether, it is more important to feel the feelings than to count the words!

“We are famous for the University of Arcturus, where many of you have come to learn and to teach, because there is no such thing as separation of learning and teaching, none whatsoever. You are learning and teaching all of your lives. And even when you are not embodied in your human forms, you are still learning, exploring – yes, adventuring – and at the same time teaching all of those around you. Just by sharing your LoveLights, you are teaching while you are assisting and serving and uplifting!

“Now, you have presence in many levels of dimensionality, and we understand this is – for some of you at least – a bit of a challenging concept. So we wish to share a bit of wisdom about this with you. And the wisdom of it is, learn wherever you are and focus! Keep your focus on lifting up Higher. Keep the LoveLight always, always, not only in your Hearts and radiating it out throughout all of your energy fields and beyond, but keep it in your vision, your wisdom eyes!!! You have heard about ‘keeping your eyes on the prize.’ That is a very common expression on Planet Earth and that is very true. What is the prize? The prize is your Homecoming, and your upliftment along the way!!! But you’re already there, or here, as you wish to define it. You are multi-dimensional beings already!

“You know that you have what are called your Higher Dimensional Selves where you are always, and where there is only Love and Light. And there are levels within those dimensions, and you are present in more than one of those. And you already know that you have levels of dimensionality in 3D and beyond. And many of you are literally bouncing back and forth between the various levels. And that can explain sudden unfamiliarity, or a sense of, ‘What did I come in here for? What am I here to do? I’m not quite in memory of it!’

“Well, it’s because you’re literally jumping from one level to another and we’re not talking about. . . Well, let’s talk about a piano. You know, a piano is a musical instrument. And did you know that music is very scientific? Alright, so you have these octaves and you can think of the octaves as representing entire dimensions. And then you have the keys. And then you can take each key and divide it into so many parts, you can’t even see the dividing lines, and so on and so on.

“And that’s what I’m talking about when I’m speaking of levels of dimensionality. And yes, I told you that we’re speaking as one voice, and I’ll say ‘I’ – or I shall say that we say ‘I’. Now, when the lines between the levels of dimensionality are hardly visible – or sometimes not even visible -, you can imagine how easy it is to move between those levels. And you’re not necessarily in conscious realization of it!

“Let us say that you are walking down the street, and you greet a neighbor who has a lovely greeting and a big hug for you. Doesn’t that lift you up? And so you cross into the next Higher level, or maybe several Higher levels. And then you go on your way, and you greet someone who says, ‘Oh, I’m not having a happy day,’ and they want to tell you all their troubles. And does that not just bring you down a bit? And we’re not saying it’s wrong! Don’t make yourselves wrong for experiencing different levels within your feelings and your thoughts!!! Recognize them. Honor them. Say, ‘Oh, I’m so glad that I shifted down into a lower level, because I really know that I’d like to be up a bit Higher and Higher and Higher and Higher – until I get to be a lot Higher all the time upon my timeline, and then I get to a place where there even isn’t any ‘time!’ You see? So imagine that!

“Now we’re going to throw something more into the mix, and then this can really confuse, but don’t let it. Keep it simple! You have other identities on the same level. Those are called ‘parallels,’ parallel selves. So what do you do with all of these aspects of yourselves? You bring them into unity, into Oneness. If you want to clear something out, you can say something to the effect that, ‘‘I have this program running. It is an old 3D program. I no longer need this because I am now recognizing the LoveLight within me, and I know that I am in my Ascension preparation mode! So I say to this particular program, thank you so much. I am so grateful to myself and my guidance team, who I’m a part of, for being aware of this. And so I put the LoveLight upon it to fully transmute it and let it go into the Universe as even more Love, including throughout the entirety of my being, all of my energy fields, all aspects of me, including those which are called, by third dimensional standards,past, present, future, dimensional and parallel!!!’

“Now, if you really want to clear something up, that’s how you do it. You clear it from ALL OF YOU!!! Don’t just think that just because there’s something – let’s say that you have an ingrown toenail in your physical self, and that you are going to be able to clear that ingrown toenail, because what if that ingrown toenail is your father tapping you on the shoulder and reminding you that you need to do something that he taught you do, to which is no longer applicable to 3D? So when you use this comprehensive clearing technique, you can clear out whatever root cause, if any, there might be. On the other hand, don’t get too wrapped up in this, because you might have an ingrown toenail just because you were wearing shoes that were too tight!

“In other words, give yourselves the honoring that you deserve. Give yourselves the Freedom that you deserve. Be the explorers and the adventurers that you came here to be, starting within your own Divin Selves, knowing, KNOWING – or shall we say, recognizing the wisdom that you are Divine Beings! You are here, yes, to create miracles, but the miracle – the beginning miracle for each and every one of you – is each and every one of you yourselves!!! So take care of yourselves!

“Now, you may have heard that we have healing ships. And yes, we do! They are bringing Higher technologies to Planet Earth. We cannot land them yet, as you know, because we are held back because there is still a bit of a struggle going on by those who would perpetuate the myth that we are to be feared and that we come to conquer. And so when the ultimate clearing of these dark programs is accomplished – and it is being accomplished even as I speak and it is being accomplished at exponential light speed – nevertheless, we are available, until we land our ships on the ground. Come on up!!!

“That’s right! We are here. And this group – this group, speaking as one – and although we are a collective, I can say, ‘I’ tell you, absolutely truthfully and from the Highest of LoveLight levels, that you are welcome to come up to our ships if we can be of service to you during this interim time. But be prepared, that when you state what it is that you are coming for in the way of services or healing or clearing, it is to state your intentions to clear it from ALL of your beings, as I have already spoken. So that if there is a root cause – or more than one – behind that ingrown toenail, you will be addressing that cause, or causes, wherever they are within your beings!

“And also, I will tell you this. You have constrictions of time. We don’t have those constraints upon us. We can see time as it exists on Planet Earth or, rather we can see your clocks. We can see that you do many things according to what the clocks say. And you also have calendars.

“And so it is that not everything that takes place in the Higher dimensions comes into 3D in precisely the moment that you adventured out of 3D, in order to receive it, but it still must pass through a bit of a time barrier. And for reasons known only to your own innate wisdoms, it may be that it might take more than one visit to our ships or it might take a bit of time, as you measure it, for the miracles to be manifested within your beings. But make no mistake, the miracles ARE happening!!! Access the miracles from your wisdom selves and present them to the entirety of your beings, again as I have already discussed. That’s how you apply the wisdoms that we come to share with you!

“See yourselves as we do. You’re whole and complete onto yourselves, but yet you are One with many different groups, and ultimately One with all beings of LoveLight. Do not pause to try to understand in your 3D brains how this all works! Some of you already have that understanding, that wisdom, and I promise you that it’s here for all of you. It’s already available to you, if you choose to access it. But you must access it from Higher Dimensional Perspectives, in order to really get it, because it’s not as much a brain understanding as it is a Heart understanding, as it is a TOTALITY OF YOUR BEING understanding!!!

“Well! We have imparted some useful information to you. And when I say ‘useful,’ it is as full of usage capability as you choose to make it! We honor you in your individual identities. We honor you as members of this Family gathered here. We honor you as citizens, if you will – High Dimensional, Divine Citizens of the Universe! We are here with you. We are in service to you even as you are in service to us by allowing us to be here and, indeed, in service to this grand Mission of Ascension for all of Planet Earth!

“The wonderful steps along the way – it’s an absolute tour through many, many, many levels of dimensionality. And you, Beloved Ones, are all on the High Road for success in your journeys, and reaching your ultimate destinations. And indeed for some of you, that will include a return to one of the places – locations, dimensionally speaking – from which you came, or whose genetics you carry within you and that, of course, is a place that you know as Arcturus. And when you arrive, you can be sure that you will be welcomed with all honors and all Joy, whether you choose to remain for what you would call ‘a moment,’ or more. Because indeed you are already here, as we are already here with you, and in our togetherness, we are One in the Light of Home, which is everywhere in the Universe where there is only Light and its Love!!! Thank you for your attention. Thank you for your attendance. And we say unto you with the very Highest of meaning and Love, Namaste, Beloved Family!”

» Source – Channel: Susan Leland