God’s Message: What If Every Outcome Blesses You?

heavenlettersWhat limits you?

You do.

Ultimately, it is you yourself. Only you. One way or another, it is you. You are the inceptor. Whatever parts others in your Life may play, you are the one who makes the catch and creates a masterful feat or a bust and whatever else you may size up in between.

Credit yourself for where you land. You don’t have to credit others so much as you may. Don’t blame others so much either.

To credit others or yourself is a different story from blame. You are at the helm of your Life. At any moment of speculation, you don’t know whether what you call good or what you call sad is true. That which you may think is something wonderful, later you may rue. By the same token, that which at first seems unbefitting does indeed turns out to be a blessing. Have you not experienced this?

In any case, don’t sell yourself short. Give Life a chance to twirl you, and you may come out ahead. Be open to Life. What you may think and what really may be can be a horse of another color. Life is as Life is. Life, indeed, can undergo supposition. The thing is: There is no certain formula for Life.

Yep, sometimes Life is a switcheroo. Life itself has a lot to do with how you look at it. You just can’t be sure that your appraisal is correct. There is many a slip between cup and lip.

And so what? What if Life is or isn’t what you thought it ought to be? Life will see you through, one way or another. Life is the best thing you have. Life is the best thing that ever happened to you. Life may not be what you predicted, yet, inevitably, Life is a gift.

Do not tell yourself that you can’t let Life go. Of course you can. Of course you must. Yesterday is yesterday. Today is today. It is incumbent on you to let go of whatever holds you back.

You say you can’t let go of past hurts or offenses? Dear Ones, you have no choice but to let go! You are here to let go! You are not here to set Life right. Who told you that? Don’t justify yourself. Don’t say you cannot let go, for Life in the world is exactly about letting go. If you want to move on in Life, precisely you must let go of Life. You are not meant to hold fast to Life as you saw it yesterday.

So what if a teacher in ninth-grade didn’t please you? You are not, absolutely not, to be the regulator of the world. You may be certain that a particular ninth-grade teacher owes you an apology? It could be you owe the teacher an apology.

Who cares honestly? Don’t limit yourself any longer, and don’t limit anyone else either. What makes you so sure you know even the time of day! The teacher pained you? It can be that you pained the teacher. In any case, let it go. Really, no offense, yet who are you, Dear Ones, to be so sure you are the arbiter of the world?

I say no. I say you must, once and for all, let go. Unless you let go, you are rigid. Unless you let go, you rigidly hold on to punishing yourself too much.

You are not so high and mighty as you like to think. Do you really want to declare that you are a victim? Is this what you want to hold onto?

I tell you not to harbor judgment forever and ever. Why would you? Why would you call yourself triumphant because once upon a time you had limited vision and blamed someone else for your projection? Why would you? Why did you?

Dear Ones, let’s put the shoe on the right foot. Are you never mistaken? The idea that you are always right is a fallacy whose time has passed even if it were ever true.

» Source – Channel: Loretta