East Coast, Virginia, North Carolina

Greetings All!

Is anybody here from Virginia or North Carolina?

For a few years now something’s been pushing me to relocate.

A couple of years ago I begun looking up information on some of the other states. East coast mostly. The four states I looked at the most were Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia. For some reason I went up the map, from Florida to Virginia. At the same time I found my self giving more attention to Virginia, I started seeing cars with Virginia license plates all over the place. I know, felt it in my heart for a long time that I’m supposed to be somewhere else. So I asked for a sign and that’s when I begun seeing Virginia license plates again, more than once a day now, here in Michigan. From store parking lots, to parks, on the road. It was happening too often for it to be a coincidence. And this continues to occur.

I as many others have been waiting for the RV/GCR to commence which would have greatly assisted me in relocating. But I think I have postponed this enough. So that is why I’m asking if anyone who reads this is from Virginia or North Carolina, and perhaps willing to offer a little guidance for myself when I do relocate to the area.

Thank you!