East Coast, Virginia, North Carolina

Greetings All!

Is anybody here from Virginia or North Carolina?

For a few years now something’s been pushing me to relocate.

A couple of years ago I begun looking up information on some of the other states. East coast mostly. The four states I looked at the most were Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia. For some reason I went up the map, from Florida to Virginia. At the same time I found my self giving more attention to Virginia, I started seeing cars with Virginia license plates all over the place. I know, felt it in my heart for a long time that I’m supposed to be somewhere else. So I asked for a sign and that’s when I begun seeing Virginia license plates again, more than once a day now, here in Michigan. From store parking lots, to parks, on the road. It was happening too often for it to be a coincidence. And this continues to occur.

I as many others have been waiting for the RV/GCR to commence which would have greatly assisted me in relocating. But I think I have postponed this enough. So that is why I’m asking if anyone who reads this is from Virginia or North Carolina, and perhaps willing to offer a little guidance for myself when I do relocate to the area.

Thank you!

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  1. cindyloucbp

    Hi KejRej,
    I AM from North Carolina, from sleepy Plymouth, NC…the site of a Civil War battle. Sleepy Southern towns are often overlooked because they don’t offer much but mosquito-bites, but the cost of housing is good! Also, pick the right town close to a major medical center, such as Greenville, NC…and life can be “right” good!

    Feel free to contact me and I’ll share more about Eastern NC.

    Much Love…:)

  2. Marilyn P Layne

    Hi KejRaj,
    I am living in Virginia as well near the James River Birdge, it depends if you like beaches the Tidewater area could work, if you like a more city side you could either look at Norfolk, or even Richmond which is more west from the coast.

    Anyway, if I can help, let me know I would be glad to.

    Love Light,

  3. Brian

    Howdy! I’m from Appalachia and can tell you that western NC is the ticket. If you like cities, check out Asheville—beautiful, affordable, progressive, and full of hippies, artists, veggie restaurants, etc. If rural is more your speed, the nearby Black Mountain area is stunning, and was considered a spiritual center by the Cherokee—lots of high energy there. (It’s also the home of the Light Center Dome: http://www.urlight.org/tour-the-light-center/the-light-center-dome/

    1. a144

      I agree, its truly a magical area. I believe, if one is seeking an enlightened community in the deep south, that the areas mentioned by Brian, are the best that the south has to offer. One should definitely spend a few days engaging the locals, before making a decision. A word of caution (even though I am sure the situation has improved) when I lived there good jobs were nearly impossible to find and the power structure was a throwback to the dark ages.

  4. Suzanne

    Hi–If you would like to send me your number too, I would be happy to talk with you about NC, where I’m originally from.

  5. van5d

    Hi KejRaj,
    I’m a 56 year native of Virginia. Be glad to offer guidance for your move to va, or wv. Send me an email with a number and
    we can talk about it.