Why Time is Speeding up on Planet Earth

energy updateWithout a doubt we are living in interesting times and Time seems to accelerate ever faster. Days and months fly by and as all life accelerates so too will time continue to speed up. And this also will continue as we expand, grow and transform our consciousness – till we transcend time bound dimensions.

In the near future linear time as we perceive it is on its way out. Time upon the Earth plane is speeding up and many of us find ourselves lost as to what day or time it is and feel that we are not accomplishing very much at all throughout our day. People are now discovering that they never have sufficient time each day to do everything they want; as a matter of fact, as we progress closer into the fourth and fifth dimensions time will continue to speed up. For years the new energies have been speeding up time and our timeline is gradually closing; time is collapsing on itself so to speak. Past, present and future will be one as we become higher lightbody multi-dimensional beings. And recalibrating ourselves with the breath of the Earth will help us feel in the flow of the energy around us.

We are all conversant with the utility of a PC in our modern society and we also know that its performance is tied to its speed; with capacity or memory space being the second solicited quality. The speed of a PC is characterized by how fast it can access and process files – how many different activities and how fast can be executed simultaneously. This speed is further determined by the clock frequency of the microprocessor (common speeds # 1.5, 2.5 or 4 GHz – hertz: cycles per second is the unit measurement of frequency). So the higher the speed, the faster or the more versatile our machine becomes. This is precisely the same phenomenon we are presently experiencing with the time shift our planet is undergoing. Planet Earth’s (Gaia) heartbeat or rather clock frequency/vibration, scientifically known as the Schumann Cavity Resonance Level, has been gradually rising over the past several decades due to her inherent cleansing process – imminent ascension. Ten years ago her frequency was in the neighborhood of 7.8 Hz and at present it is believed to be vibrating around 13 Hz (Gaia`s temple is our abode – She is our template, clock, processor, etc). So too all kingdoms on the planet (humans, animal, plants, minerals and elementals) are experiencing a rise in frequency as the atoms in our cells are vibrating at faster rates. It is for this reason therefore that time is speeding up on Planet Earth – Gaia’s increasing frequency progression.

It is quite interesting to relate here that in reality Time is more connected to the rhythms and cycles held within our four lower bodies than it is to the clock on the wall. As we integrate more Light flow within, through, and around us and the Earth, the reference points that we have come to know ourselves by are all changing – our cycles and rhythms are beginning to align in a singular coherent flow of consciousness bringing us closer and closer to the present Time. Although the internal sensation is that time is going faster, we are actually losing time; time is not going faster, rather, it is collapsing into a single moment of Present Time, NOW.

As the Waves of Light are changing our internal rhythms they are bringing us closer and closer to Present Time. Present Time is the only place in which we exist. Our biorhythms, heartbeats, and pulses of the meridian/grid system are all beginning to align into a singular rhythm, aligning with the heart-beat of the Earth.

» Source – Authr: Divsy Pafe