Predictions for Monday, 21 August 2017, Solar Eclipse

astroscopeGeneral Astrological Predictions: At 18:31UT the Moon conjuncts the Sun causing the New Moon and a Solar Eclipse in Leo. Actually, almost two hours after the eclipse, the Moon will enter Virgo. The energies of the eclipse have started raising just after the Lunar Eclipse and will be active until the next Full Moon on the 6th of September. But, of course, they will be

Sananda: You Are Radiant Beings Here to Help Light the Way

sananda“Greetings Beloved Family! I am Sananda, and I am here with Ashtar and all of the Light Beings here gathered on the Bridge of The New Jerusalem. Now, I do have my own ship, but I travel most often either in my own merkaba, or with Ashtar, because we, along with Saint Germain and many others, are here to ensure the success

Benjamin Fulford: US Threats to North Korea linked to bankruptcy negotiations and global reboot

benjamin fulfordWorld events have been stuck in a holding pattern this summer but a major paradigm shift is possible this fall if we make it happen.

The holding pattern is as follows: The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, which defaulted on its debt payments on May 1st of this year, has been threatening war