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Saint Germain: A Moment Heralded For A Very Long Time

Saint Germain I AM St. Germain. I come with the Violet Flame, Violet Light to continue this process that was begun long ago, the process that you all came here with as the light workers, the light sharers, the light … Continue reading

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How Light/Higher Frequencies are Anchored on Earth

The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was the flag bearer – the highlighting, the inauguration of our Ascension timeline/season. Ascension as we all know is a business of Energy Integration, Shifts, Vibration and Frequency

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Adjusting To The New Frequencies

The New Light Frequencies are the Downloads you are receiving that activate the Light Codes within your own unique Blueprint. You are a conglomerate of various frequencies throughout what appears as your Universe. You are a Light Being and are … Continue reading

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Yeshua: When You Go Within

I just want to reassure you that humanity at large is in the process of clearing enormous amounts of self-disparagement and non self-acceptance that have lain buried within and that must and will be released because you are now ready … Continue reading

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The Council: Some Things To Think About

Today we would speak of freedom. Everyone in your world wants to be free. Most of you think of yourselves as free. Yes, you know that there are still unfortunate souls who are still in actual captivity. But thank goodness … Continue reading

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