A Simple YES

yesDo you deserve to be happy all the time? YES
Are you aware that you are a DIVINE INFINITE ETERNAL BEING? YES

Do you care for Mother Earth? YES

August Gateway: Massive Activation of the Crystalline Grid

energy updateBlessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Gatekeepers opened the August Gateway passage on SUNday, initiating the August 3 – 25 acceleration. Feel into the cosmic forces at play during this massive influx of

August 2017 Monthly Forecast/Re-evaluation

astrology7 eraoflightThe main theme for August is RE-EVALUATION/RESET.

This is a month providing a huge opportunity for re-evaluating what you are doing in your life, clearing out what doesn’t work, and going for massive change. It is an intense month of emotional ups and downs, confusion about what is

Montague Keen: The Battle Intensifies

monaguekeenThe battle intensifies. There are no limits to which the Cabal will not stoop in order to hold on to power. This is becoming obvious even to the most sceptical of you. They see the human race as low life scum that must be removed from the Earth. They look down on you. Yet they use you to do their dirty work for them and they pay you to kill your own kind. Sadly, there are enough

Twinflames Part 1: Recognition

twins flamesLet us hold your hand. Let us guide you. This is what our messages to you are about.

We are going to cover the Twin Flame stages in this post. But the point of our covering this topic with you is not just so that you may know the stages of the Twin Flame. That would

The Council: Everything is Changing

ascended beingsWe will revisit today a familiar topic. As usual, we will impart a bit of insight that may be helpful, and we will lead you to some reasonings that will perhaps be rather new to you.

You are living in a construct that you view as reality. That is, in fact your term for it. Now we have pointed out

God’s Message: It’s a Wonderful World

heavenlettersThe little things in Life may bring great happiness. Daily little things can be taken for granted as well. They may be little yet momentous. There is great power in all the little things that enrich your Life.

What about the Stars in the Sky

Arcturian Council: Physical Recalibrations

arcturian councilGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have been able to take in so much in recent months and years that your systems need to be recalibrated in order to handle the energy, the codes, and the information that