The Council of Shamballa: Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence

elohim beingsWe send you greetings from the Most High during this powerful month that is supporting and strengthening your place in the great grid of Christ Consciousness. This grid was consciously strengthened 30 years ago by thousands of Lightworkers who came together to celebrate what came to be known as the Harmonic Convergence. ~ The Councils of Shamballa who oversaw the creation of the

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: Ascension Corridor

mira pleiadianGreetings. I am Mira. I am still serving full-time with the Earth Council and have some relevant information for you today.

First, the Earth is moving into her ascension corridor. This is what you might call the birth canal. She is fully ready to shift into her fully fifth-dimensional self. Her soul yearns to be

The Loving Guidance The Aquarius Full Moon Angels Are Providing

astrology7 eraoflightDear Friends,
yesterday we experienced the peek of this years Aquarius Full Moon. Under the influence of the zodiac air sign Aquarius, we are collectively in the blessed position of feeling the voice of the humanitarian within us. Another universal invitation to consciously join in on our collective awakening

The Mysterious Stone Spheres Of Costa Rica

revealing mysteryIn the 1930s while clearing the Costa Rican jungle for banana plantations, employees of the United Fruit Company began uncovering large stone spheres buried in the forest floor. Almost immediately, the mysterious spheres became prized lawn ornaments, ending up on the front yards of government buildings, homes of wealthy buyers and fruit company executives