The Pleiadians: Eclipse Reverberations

The PleiadesThere has been a significant increase in energy on the planet in recent days and this will become more intense as the August 21 Eclipse approaches.

This energy is coming straight from the Center of the Galaxy toward our Local Sun. This, in turn, will send increasingly intense waves of energies directly to the planets that surround it.

Some people may feel (if not already) a pressure on the entire head, or in specific points such as the top of the head (coronary), or the forehead (third eye).

Two other chakras will be very active: the Laryngeal and the Solar Plexus.

In the laryngeus you may feel a kind of pulse in the throat, which can radiate down or up. A warmth can also be felt.

In the Solar Plexus you may feel a slight sensation of “swelling” as if it were swelling and in some cases you may feel some slight tips, and also some heat.

Just harmonize with those sensations. These three chakras are in great activity, the most intense will be those in the head.

Feeling weight in the eyes will be very normal, too.

Look for grounding in the midst of nature, especially sitting under a tree, letting your bare feet touch the ground. Get on the ground.

If for some reason you can not go to these areas, wherever you are, do a mentalization by shifting your consciousness to a wooded area.

Waterfall and sea baths also help in grounding and distributing that wonderful energy that is being sent to be infiltrated on Earth.

And we, like receivers, are acting as pickups, true lightning rods of these forces, which will, more and more, trigger the necessary moves for the complete change of paradigms on this planet.

Understanding lovingly also that our bodies are adapting to these high frequencies helps a lot, not getting irritated with any discomfort.

These waves will also trigger, more and more, something that is stored and needs to be cleaned. Everything will come out.

Your body can react in several ways.

Stay calm and loving, knowing that it is crystallizing.

The Love of the Supreme Creator is limitless! – Channel: Gabriel RL – Shared per request via email.