The Phoenix Syndrome

energy updateThe transformation process lightworkers/Ascensionees have been undergoing since the dawn of the Shift has been very demanding/challenging (the recreation of the physical body to calibrate to the faster pulsating energy of the fifth dimension requires that the energy/chakra system be upgraded to handle this shift in energy). Building/harnessing our ascension bodies is fairly intricate and requires regular adjustments to higher frequencies (Energy Work: Breathing, Grounding, Grids, Meditation, Ho`oponopono, etc).

The present state or rather frequency in which we find ourselves, our term of pregnancy so to speak may be considered overdue judging through our 3D filters/perspective. As a matter of fact this impending condition can very well be likened to that of being pregnant, where in the first trimester the body undergoes a series of metamorphosis – proverbial ascension symptoms (metallic taste, sour teeth, nausea, glands, hormones, digestive issues, excess weight, etc).

As it is now very evident, we have entered the last phase of the ascension process and many have noticed that our lexicon of symptoms has just over boarded – new/super intense harmonics; this would correspond to the labor phase prior to delivery, the last and most challenging stop – the darkest hour. We are presently seeking refuge through surrender our old reliable (a tension that is set up when the Higher Consciousness and the Lower are out of alignment).

In reality, we are now just waiting for the moment to deliver the baby – our Adam Kadmon body/original divine blueprint, our full spectrum multidimensional selves, fully creational diamond core god cell (the original body given to us by the creators/builders of form at inception).

It is interesting to mention here that pregnancy statistics indicate that in the first trimester some maids manifest some kind of a strange desire to terminate the pregnancy due to the inherent inconveniences; in a similar manner some fellow travelers are expressing lots of lethargy and have even considered options like canceling the trip/mission – demanding diverse derogation.

It would appear Universal Laws have been overridden by ascension algorithm: conditioned souls evolve through the tenets of destiny modulated by free will, but those that have chosen the Light see a good chunk of their free will choices confiscated as they journey close to the finish line. I have heard that `we made a pledge that when the time came for us to step onto the path of ascension, we would allow the Higher-ups to set aside our free will so that they could take whatever measures were deemed necessary to awaken us.’ The roles we now play must take place within the general guidelines of our Script.

I guess our Guides/higher-ups are keeping their distance (hands-off approach) at this point in time in order to give us the opportunity to put into practice all the lessons we have learnt so far – all the guidance we have received. They want us to start paddling our boats by ourselves without any direct intervention; to start re-initializing/experimenting our skills – powers that have atrophied over the ages.

It is my ardent hope that the next potential window should seal the deal – give birth to our real selves, our Adam Kadmon bodies, the originally constituent/core of our system before we took on these physical vessels. We have to die to the old for the manifestation of the new – the phoenix dance.

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