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Arcturian Council: Being on the Frontlines of the Shift

arcturian gratitude eraoflightGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It has been quite a journey for some of you who have incarnated to be awakened at this time of the shift. You have chosen to be leaders in the movement of energy, and this has

Special Powerful Warning to NPTB, OPTB and All

spiral starKejRaj: Greetings! I have chosen to share this message sent to us from a reader simply because the lightworker community can relate to the situation of what is occurring with the delays. Over all what this message says to the New Powers That Be is “Enough is Enough”. See the message below.

Solar Eclipse, Zero Point Matrix, Golden Eagle Grid

We, The Arcturians, join you in The Heart of Source today as we all together begin to navigate a new world, creating a new way of BEing.

For as you have shifted to being conscious with us, we too have received the treasure of your beautiful

Your Gift To The World

meditation one eraoflightWith the solar eclipse energies still rippling in our consciousness and indeed impacting the world in a profound way, it’s time to reassess where we stand and what’s ahead.

Most likely, you have noticed subtle or even major openings during this rare eclipse cycle. Some of you may simply

HeavenLetters: Let Freedom Ring

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloveds, you are all My Beloveds. It is through My Will and Love that I give you Free Will for the asking. Free Will is your Divine Right. I ask you to make it your responsibility to take care to refrain from seeing others as needing your advice

Arcturian Council: The Effects of the Eclipse

arcturian councilGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have witnessed an evolution of your consciousness that began when you started to anticipate all of the movements of the celestial bodies in your solar system in the

Avenda: The Power of Love

god selfThere is a time coming when there will be no desire to give of yourself in a way that is downgrading, and useless to see the advantage. It is a time for all of you to feel the Love that is the ultimate blessing that is in our lives and our beingness. We are the ones who agreed to come into this world and to fulfill that which we have known is the betterment of the

Refining The Authentic Self

auralayersTo heal, we must inquire on our true authentic nature and take steps to align our lifestyle to the circumstances where we can feel connection, acceptance and purpose, which leads us to experience greater peace and joy. It does not matter where we are right now, by being brave enough to really look at our current conditions and make assessments about where we are at, if we can accept what we see

Butterflies: Winged Spiritual Messengers

butterflymessageHave you ever noticed the fleeting beauty of a butterfly as it floats by? Butterflies have a magical quality to them. They appear so ethereal and fragile, much like fairies dancing on air. These beautiful creatures do more than just look pretty and pollinate flowers. They can serve as wonderful spiritual messengers

Quan Yin: Expect Changes

quan yinI am Quan Yin and I have been given the permission to appear today and present my message to the world. It is a tumultuous world that slowly is recovering after thousands of year of war and misery. You have done a fantastic job and we are so proud and happy for your efforts to transform this world from a place of darkness to letting the light reappear on Gaia again. There has been many goings back