“Stop These Murders” – Independent Cancer Researcher Says She Was Threatened Over Apple Seeds, Her Powerful Response to the Government and Pharmaceutical Industry

eolnewsThis is getting way out of hand, this may not be the most recent occurance, but it’s a memorable one.

It’s certainly worth reading about so that you can start to understand the history of a pattern that is visible these days. And oddly enought, this isnt’ fiction.

Ashtar: First Page of 5D

ashtarGreetings, Beloved Family. It is as always such a delight to be here with you. In this grand company of love and light. And I congratulate all, in fact I congratulate all of planet Earth for that matter, you made it. You might even let out a cheer or two. We are turning the page, and leaving all of the low vibration situations programs and so on and so on, behind. Now, for you to do that it can take many

Sun Exposure Slashes Cancer Risk

sunny day eraoflightHow did it happen that people became afraid of the sun? The answer is probably found in the three steps of the Hegelian Dialectic. This is the principle used by many people to get what they want regardless of what it means for others. Here it has been used by people wanting to develop and profit from a sunscreen industry

Judas Iscariot: The New Unfolding

judas iskariotI am Judas Iscariot and I want to apologize for all delays that have been caused by both bankers and the cabal. But now we are on the right keel again and have wind in our sails. Thank you for your patience dear Earthlings. It is nice that you have anchored the light so steadily on Earth that nothing could go wrong. Everything is going in the right direction my friends and the work with restoring