Avalon Returns Through the Solar Eclipse

thebluerayAvalon has always held a mystical, magical, spiritual place in my heart and I believe in the hearts of many others.  A great deal has been written over the years and the overriding consensus is that it was a feminine based society.  When you read about Avalon, most often it is associated with King Arthur and Camelot.  This was but a portion of Avalon’s experience.  So much of what is

Historical Timeline Trigger Events

spiral starDear Ascending Family,

This month we have an increased opportunity to break through our amnesiac barriers and memory wiping, to regain personal knowledge that connects us with the truth of our own experience, at individual, collective and galactic levels

Arcturian Council: You Are Shifting in This Lifetime

arcturian councilGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have given you some of our wisdom, but we have also learned from watching you what it is that makes humanity so strong and so unique. You have an ability to

I Am The Magdalene: Walk With Me In Harmony

begratefulI AM the Magdalene

I AM Harmony, Love, Balance and Freedom.

I AM the Divine Feminine Personified.