The Council: Synchronicity

the collectiveToday we are going to discuss a topic that, for many of you, will be what you call ‘old hat’. Please read it with the understanding that there are many more newly awakening ones among you than there are ‘advanced’ ones. And we ask that the word advanced be put in quotes because it simply means that you have managed to get reminded a moment earlier of what you all know

The Solar Eclipse Energies and World Service Activation

all is love eraoflight(Scroll to bottom for youtube video)Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of August as you move into the Solar Eclipse passage on August 21st. Having passed through the 08-08 Lion’s Gateway and received the deepest levels of Divine Love through the Vortex of the Goddess that you are able to feel and experience in this Now

HeavenLetters: The Grand Inquisition

heavenlettersHow do I, God, located as I am in Heaven, help you, My Children, to remove any and all obstacles to Love? And how in the world do I help you step over the act of judgment, for, of course, I have made it clear you are not to judge. You might say: “Whoa, God, You find me wanting. Isn’t that judgment pure and simple?