The Council: Synchronicity

the collectiveToday we are going to discuss a topic that, for many of you, will be what you call ‘old hat’. Please read it with the understanding that there are many more newly awakening ones among you than there are ‘advanced’ ones. And we ask that the word advanced be put in quotes because it simply means that you have managed to get reminded a moment earlier of what you all know on higher levels.

We were asked today to explain the great amount of numerical signals, hypnogogic sights, and synchronicities that a person had seen recently. And we think that it will be a very good thing to discuss at this time.

Let us look at the numerical ‘signals’. Be clear that clocks, license plates, etc. have those numbers all the time. We do not create them. What we, you as us, do create is the impulse to look and to notice at the appropriate moments. In another state of awareness, you would glance at the clock, for instance, and either not register the 11:11, or not remark to yourself upon its significance. How many taxicabs have you driven past without seeing the very large 444-4444 or 777-7777 phone numbers painted on them? How many automobiles do you actually read the license plates of? So when one of these things enters your field of vision, your Higher Self simply says (sends a feeling) “Hey, look!” Now you may always interpret this as “I Am Here.” That is the beginning message until you begin looking for more. And it is immensely significant for a beginning message. It may well be the first time that one of you begins to realize that you are more, much more, than you have been led to believe.

The next ‘word’ in the language that you might learn is “Charlie!”, or “Fran!”, or “Bob!”, your own name called in your inner ear. Again, interpret this is “I Am Here.”

If you want to receive basic messages via the numbers that you see, pick a system of numerological interpretation and stick with it. We will adjust accordingly.

By this time, you should start to notice that some things are unexplainably seeming to go ‘your way’ more than you had perceived before. This is the third ‘word’ in your growing vocabulary. It also means “I Am Here”, but by now you should begin to equate the “I” as your Self. You should begin to realize that YOU, as you, are creating your life, step by step. It would help if you had, early on, begun to have an ongoing mental conversation with this greater part of you. She, or He, does not need this. You need it in order to teach yourself that you are being heard.

Now this has been, so far, fairly basic. But let us take a step further. What we have told you thus far applies to each of you. But what about the being called Humanity? What about the being called American? Or French? You see, you are a part of many greater fields of consciousness.

You are learning to see the extent to which you create your circumstance. The next thing to understand is that French consciousness, American consciousness, and Chinese consciousness, etc. all are created by their participants, and all create your human consciousness, good and bad, as you would perceive it. And all participate in the creation of what you call reality.

And the fields you participate in extend far beyond that, but we will wait for your PH.D. studies for that!

Why is this happening? It is happening because your greater Self wants to live as you even more than you want it to happen. And we know that you want it to happen. It is very much your overarching purpose for this lifetime. You call it ascension.

So those numbers that we were discussing, as well as saying “I Am Here”, are saying “Good Job!”

We feel this is enough for today. Blessings.

» Source – Channel: Ronald Head