Mike Quinsey 8/11/2017

mikequinseyYou are well into the New Age and the necessary changes are progressing and beginning to take place. They cannot be stopped and are necessary to commence the establishment of the new version of the Earth. The old Earth is to be cleansed and all that is of the lower vibrations will disappear. For the Human Race that means a life without drudgery or the incessant need

HeavenLetters: From Where Cometh Joy?

heavenlettersWhere is your Heart going? Do you go with your Heart, or do you doubt the direction of your Heart? Do you follow your Heart all the way to your Destiny? Or are you under the subjection of your mind? Your mind may keep you stilled in place. Often, your mind follows a trodden path. But, ah, your Heart. Your Heart

Mother Mary: Voice of Love

m maryI am Mother Mary and I want to thank all the people on Earth today. You have shown the way with your courage and your patience – The path that takes you out of the darkness and back into the Light. The shadows are beginning to fall my dear children on Earth. The large dark shadows have started to fall and dusk goes into darkness and into the Light again. You are the children of the Light