A Total Eclipse of the Sun for the Ages

eclipseEveryone is talking about the coming “Great American Eclipse” with a path of totality that makes landfall exclusively within the U.S., making it the first such eclipse since 1918, 99 year ago..

One of the most important eclipses in U.S. and world history is just 11 days away. It is part of the powerful “Saros” series of eclipses, every one of which has awakened the world with a major shifts.

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Let’s understand what it means to you personally, because, if anything – this is one of the most personal total solar eclipses you will ever experience in your lifetime.

The Total Solar Eclipse occurs in the sign of LEO – and it is the only total solar eclipse of 2017, giving it even more meaning.

  • The brightest star in the Leo constellation is Regulus one of the four royal ancient stars of Persia, the star of royalty, nobility and courage.
  • On August 21, the Sun and Moon meet and join with Regulus for a dynamic combination!

You will be on fire, ready to lead from a place of courage – just like the sign of Leo urges you to, and just like the year 2017 has been preparing you for!

Deeply personal questions will come up for you:

What do I really want?

Who am I truly at soul level?

What am I now ready to claim – leaving no stone unturned – with total uncompromising commitment?

No beating around the bush anymore after this eclipse! This is your time to say YES and proclaim your passion.

The sign of Leo rules the HEART. You will invoke your destiny through your heart chakra . And Leo is a FIXED sign, so it is very, very determined.

This is powerful energy!

The Lion roaring full throttle form the depths of the soul, every atom lit up with LIGHT.

The planet MARS is currently be very close to the Sun and Moon adding that extra fire and drive to forge ahead.

In order to channel the courage of Regulus and the Lion, stay totally focused now.

What is happening to you at this time is what you have been asking for. Even if you may not be conscious of it, you yearn to be recognized and appreciated for who you truly are, a divine being of limitless joy – a galactic being of love.

Leo can get into ego-consciousness on the shadow side, so this is not about projecting an image – the eclipse will bring to light what you haven’t clearly seen in order that you may bypass your limited ego and go straight to SOURCE, to God – to your divine birth-right of creation.

(Much has led up to this moment in time, including Saturn’s retrograde over Galactic Center in Sagittarius a few months ago.)

With ALL eclipses – a part of your life is ending, and then something NEW emerges…

  • August is an 18/ 9 Universal Month of endings, letting go.
  • 2017 is a 10/ 1 Universal Year of new beginnings and fresh starts.

This 1 and 9 code activation of beginnings and endings means we ALREADY have a major release and rebirth theme going on in August.

No doubting it anymore, you are part of a major shift in consciousness. Add the dynamic Eclipse parameters into the picture, and the ingredients for your ultimate liberation are multiplied into the stratosphere!

Furthermore, we have another most beautiful code activated:

  • The Universal Date of the eclipse – 8.21.2017 (8+2+1+2+0+1+7) – adds up to 21 .
  • The Universal Day of August 21 is ALSO 21 .
  • We are in the 21 st Century.

21 in Ancient Egyptian numerology stands for “The Truth shall set you Free.”

This numbers code speaks to the core message of our current century.

21 liberates through Truth – the Star Wisdom numerology of Ancient Egypt describes 21 as “The Truth Shall Set You Free”.

21 was called “The Crown of the Magi” by the ancient Chaldeans priests.

21 symbolizes victory after a long struggle – after many tests of courage and determination.

21 reminds us we have the power and the blessing to overcome ALL challenges, all opposition. It is a very fortunate vibration in a date or current name, carrying many rewards.

Amazingly, the Total Eclipse will be visible in its entirety across 12 U.S. states as it moves from Lincoln, Oregon through to Charleston, South Carolina.

12 carries the message of acquiring great knowledge and strength, which may lead to highly fortunate results – but only if you let go of any tendency to be a victim, go let others make decisions on your behalf. 12 reminds us not to volunteer to suffer or give away our power to anyone or anything for any purpose whatsoever.

With total conviction to confront and deny victimization, we are set free!

12 on the positive side symbolizes education on every level, asking you to look within for answers and solutions. When you pay attention to your spiritual and intuitive education you will ultimately be fulfilled and happy.

21 (2+1) adds to 3.

1 2 (1+2) adds up to 3.

3 is the TRIAD of CREATION. Father – Mother – Child.

3 represents joy, expression, dance, art and music! This Eclipse in Leo – sign of creativity and joy, means will have a resurgence of worshiping beauty! Getting inspired by what is divinely channeled. Your INNER LIGHT, the Sun in your heart.

Leo is ruled by the Sun…

Need I say more?!

We are receiving tremendous insights about what has been HIDDEN from view, so the eclipse serves as a catalyst for us to LIBERATE ourselves from old karmic patterns – ways which we have taken on as a false “truth”. Those patterns are now ready to disintegrate into the great void, and be recycled as light, as greater inspirations – with deeper understanding, and with a connection to our home, the divine creator – the galactic realms.

This is echoed by the fact that the Sun and Moon form a powerful TRINE to Uranus, planetary ruler of Aquarius, the opposite sign of Leo and the sign of liberation and galactic exploration.

When the two nodes of the Moon moved into the Leo-Aquarius axis in May, we began the initiation into freedom, joy, self expression and ultimate recognition that we all come from the light – that we are limitless creators, unique in our own special way.

Leo is an action sign, Regulus is the Royal Star – and so now your soul is accelerating into higher realms of conscious awareness at a rapid pace.

Follow your bliss! Breathe in … and sing the song in your heart!

Let go of your fear to shine… no excuses anymore! – just go SHINE your gorgeous light!

Love your life into reality.

Much Love and many joyful blessings,

» Source – Author: Tania Gabrielle