Message from Matthew 8/26/2017

matthew wardWith loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.

Let us begin by addressing a reader’s email that is much the same as numerous others my mother is receiving: “Every light worker I know is either sick or in situations which are less then enviable. It makes us wonder if it’s all for naught. People are

Nothing to Hide: Second Agarthan Update

agartha eraoflightdotcomOkay, first I just have to share that I was only half kidding when I said I wanted to see the latest Agarthan fashions.

This morning, when Tamarinda entered the room she was wearing a royal blue gown with a sparkly gold bodice. Over her shoulders was the most exquisite cape made of what

Arcturian Council: Feel the Fifth Dimension in Your Hearts

arcturian councilGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have taken some giant leaps forward in recent weeks, and we are impressed with how you have made such progress while continuing to face the challenges of the third

Zero Point Range: Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers Continue Deep Anchoring & Integration of New Soul-Star Codes Activated with the Eclipse

dna activation eraoflightdotcomThis Eclipse was a huge activation in so many ways. With it, so very much…

I’ve yet to share, as we continue the immense integration phase of anchoring these mega-high-light encodements into our physical forms and the Crystalline Grids of

The Galactic Federation: Intense Energies

gfoleraoflightWelcome, once again, my friends. Someone inquired as to why you hadn’t mentioned the solar eclipse? I wondered if it was me, as I really hadn’t given any attention to it at all. Yet, surely you don’t need me to be into something, in order to bring it up?  What would you say about it? For I have since looked into it a little and the internet is a buzz with it.

Integrating the Eclipse Energies & Timeline Split

dna activationWhat a week! While the actual eclipse is over we are still integrating the energies that opened up. The eclipse was amazing and there was a moment of stillness like the entire world held its breath. The eclipse brought in energies, downloads, and upgrades that we have never experienced before. This is helping us to move into alignment completely within ourselves and within

Celestial White Beings: Your Inner Compass

celestial white beingsBlessings of bliss we awaken from within your being to pulsate into all the levels of your body that create you at this moment. We are the Celestial White Beings from the Multi – Universal and Cosmic Levels of the Creator’s Universe. Our purpose has always been to

The Grandmothers: There is Nothing Impermanent About You

grandmothers speakI went to the Grandmothers and asked for a message for myself and for everyone.  They looked hard at me and said, “You are a tree.”  I stared at them in disbelief and they added, “Not the sort of tree you see in parks or along the street.  Not a tree in your garden that lives for a while and then is gone.   No,” they said, “you are the World Tree. You are one life

Arcturian Council: Expecting Big Changes

arcturian councilGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are sensing your expectation for something big to occur on your world, to initiate large changes. And we want you to recognize that the path to big changes on your world is

Bill Gates, Google’s Brin Fund Lab-Grown Meat for the Masses

eolnewsWikipedia: “In 1998 Jon F. Vein of the United States filed for, and ultimately secured, a patent (US 6,835,390 B1) for the production of tissue engineered meat for human consumption, wherein muscle and fat cells would be grown in an integrated fashion to create food products such as beef, poultry and fish.”

Top Eight Organic Mistakes, Do Your Research

eatlightThere are no absolutes when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and clean eating. Many foods that were perfectly wholesome just months ago may be tainted and contaminated now if the farmer, company or corporation that makes them changed even just a few key ingredients, or worse yet, sold out to “Big Food