Integrating the Eclipse Energies & Timeline Split

dna activationWhat a week! While the actual eclipse is over we are still integrating the energies that opened up. The eclipse was amazing and there was a moment of stillness like the entire world held its breath. The eclipse brought in energies, downloads, and upgrades that we have never experienced before. This is helping us to move into alignment completely within ourselves and within the galaxy.

Timeline Split

Another component of the current changes is that we experienced a timeline split as well. This will not be the last timeline split but rather it was a lower frequency tributary off the collective timeline flow that split off. Each of these splits helps us to stay in the higher frequencies and create the world we want, individually and collectively.

Many people couldn’t verbalize exactly what had happened but they knew something had definitely changed. What this brings is a bit of ease for those who had already completely committed to the higher timeline. Some of us, however, found that the depression and anxiety increased after the eclipse. When a friend reached out to me about feeling incredibly anxious, I told her about the timeline split and asked her what she felt. She immediately saw that she had one foot on one timeline and her other foot on another. This is a very uncomfortable place to be. Like being stretched between two moving trains.  I told her to look at what fears were arising, what emotions and to state her intention that she no longer needed these things in her life anymore. She did this and went to get a massage, which helped her to release the density from her body. As the masseuse worked on her ankle she heard clearly “stepping into your timeline now”.

She is not alone in finding the emotions bubbling up in uncharacteristic ways. Many found that the eclipse corridor brought up many fears, worries, and memories. These were to show us what needed another look so that we can see them from a different perspective. Deep healing of the inner child is taking place as well. Your happy, healthy inner child is the door way to your highest self and it can no longer be ignored. Even those who have done intensive inner child work are finding new layers to explore.

What is interesting is that some are finding old addictive behaviors surfacing, these are linked with our emotions as well. I was shocked when the smell of cigarette smoke brought that familiar craving I left behind 11 years ago. Some of my clients observed similar patterns making themselves known. These can be chemical, food, and even behavioral addictions such as obsessing over things. We are being asked to choose what reality we want and by not playing in those energies we allow it to leave.

Understand that even the higher timelines carry emotions, but we are able to see them from another point of view.  Emotions, fears, worries are not flat, rather they are layered and multifaceted. The emotion released in the timeline split will have a different lower frequency than the same emotion held in a higher timeline. The realization of this can help to ease the worry that we keep rehashing the same thing over and over. Take a moment, drop into your heart and look at how your perspective has changed and in that change, healing is taking

In each moment we are being asked to choose what reality we want to experience. We can no longer walk a fence in between. Know that no matter what anyone chooses it is the perfect experience they need for their soul growth. All are held in the unconditional light and love of Source and all will eventually return there when they are ready. The energy shifting is really moving people and things from us that just don’t match frequencies anymore. In some cases, life orchestrates the move and in other cases, we have to ask ourselves – does this match what I want in my life?

If the answer is no, simply move on and let it go.

Shifting Our Reality and Focus

Within each of us are a receiver and a transmitter for energies. We need to make sure that our receiver is tuned to the higher energies. When we extend our focus outside our personal reality, we can let programming that doesn’t belong to us to be received. Understand that what is received, becomes a part of us if we allow it and then we transmit that reality out. That transmission feeds the reality we don’t want.  Until we can observe the programming, the psychological warfare and the agendas being pushed without taking it in, diligence is required. Group work, long distance and in person is helpful in keeping our focus on what we want to create instead of getting lost in the programming that surrounds

As we take on the newer energies the lens in which we see the world changes as well. Remember that when we shift so does all around us. Seeing things in a new light without the old expectations helps us to anchor in the reality we want. This was hit home for me when I was talking with a client who mentioned she had thoughts of joining a gym again but she didn’t like the energy the last time she tried. The guidance was for her to try again, to feel the energy of the place and not allow what was to cloud the experience. We are all shifting, even those not aware, we have to release the preconceived notions we have and see the new. When we judge we leave no room for what it is to change.

Physically Speaking

Physically, the timeline split has caused some to feel really dizzy and as if the fabric of reality has changed and indeed it has.  Grounding is really important to help the calibration process. Connecting your soul into the body helps as does connecting the energy from the top of your head to your feet. Deep breathe into the abdomen and push the energy out your feet.

While we adjust to the timeline split it can feel that we are bumping against things or even working against the flow. Allow things to smooth out and have a good laugh at the chaos. I had a discussion with my husband about something I told him. I can remember vividly what I said, his reaction, where we were and what was taking place around us. He stared at me like I was nuts and swore that no such conversation existed. I asked my higher self who was right and her reply was “Both of you.” The experiences were on different timelines, different realities. All we can do is laugh and not hold on too tight to what we think our truth is.

With these new energies, some are experiencing neck, shoulder and jaw pain. Much is shifting and we can pop out of alignment. Call in your Ascension team to assist with this and don’t hesitate to see a chiropractor, cranial sacral practitioner or physician if needed.  The sensation of one’s blood sugar dropping is also happening and many are finding the need to eat more. We are using tremendous fuel to adjust to our new location and frequencies. Be aware of what your body needs, no matter how bizarre. When we do everything with conscious awareness it helps us to access the personal guidance that eases this entire process.

Sending you all lots of love.


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