The Council Of Twelve: Momentous Times

elohim beingsHumans are children in a vast starscape of solar systems and universes. They possess imagination and innocence, spiritual openness, a fresh embrace of the new. They shine bright like stars in a velvety sky. Human beings are wondrous in their capacity for emotion, the spectrum wider than many known species. Maybe a glitch, an anomaly or divine intervention, there are angelic qualities

Monthly Astrology Forecasts for August 2017

astroscopeI’m not sure if it’s just me, but there are days at the moment that seem to be moving in slow motion, and there are other days which are most definitely on fast forward. Overall, one would hope this would balance out somewhere in the middle, but the stop, start, slow, quick pace of life seems to feel more like the lurching on a fairground ride than it does anything