Monthly Astrology Forecasts for August 2017

astroscopeI’m not sure if it’s just me, but there are days at the moment that seem to be moving in slow motion, and there are other days which are most definitely on fast forward. Overall, one would hope this would balance out somewhere in the middle, but the stop, start, slow, quick pace of life seems to feel more like the lurching on a fairground ride than it does anything else. There is little time to pause or take a breath, and there is a sense of the intensity of the slow motion/fast forward effect increasing, as though both are now happening at the same time. It really is hard to put into words, but it feels multi-faceted and way beyond the language we currently have at our disposal: how can we explain the unexplainable?

Yet, despite the effervescent and excitable energies popping up into all areas of our lives, there is also a sense of release and letting go at the same time. It’s as though we are subconsciously allowing ourselves to let go of everything that no longer serves us in order to open up our hearts and souls towards the new. Even though we may not, as yet, know what the new is, intuitively it feels right to let it in as we can sense the eager anticipation deep within our hearts and souls.

August looks set to be a month of reverence. This may seem like an odd choice of word, but it feels like the only word that can truly sum up the expected shifts in the days and weeks ahead as we step deeper into the lurching fairground ride in order to find a more serene and tranquil state of living and being. Whilst, in many ways, life will still feel confusing and complex (as that’s the nature of being human), there looks set to be a wave of hope rising up from deep within, weaving and lacing together with the hope rising up from other souls from all around the globe.

There’s a shift in tone from confusion to one of respect and compassion; a willingness to rise above the confusion we see all around in order to focus on the things that unite us rather than the things that divide us. We have far more in common than we often notice, finding it easier to see the forces that segregate, isolate and divide. The more willing we become to be wholehearted and to stop denigrating and dismissing others, the more we can shift towards a warmer, more compassionate way of living and being.

It’s all too easy to look around and see division, intolerance, hate, prejudice and suffering because it’s everywhere, yet, is injecting more of this into the world going to help? Maybe it’s time to allow compassion to take the lead as we allow the true light of our souls to shine brightly and to acknowledge it’s love that unifies, not race, money, sexuality etc.

Reverence for every soul, reverence for ourselves; it’s a sense of waking up to the amazing, awe-inspiring world in which we live. To see the bigger picture: the macrocosm and the microcosm, to feel the wonder of life and to let this wonder and reverence seep and filter into the collective consciousness from all angles and pathways. Of course, this is unlikely to bring about a rapid change in the world, but every oak has to start as an acorn. It’s time not to think about walking a mile in someone’s shoes, but to walk with them, to walk together and to see the true equality of humanity…

Well, a girl can dream.

With love,



As you continue to contemplate opportunity and possibility beyond the four walls of your everyday life, there is a sense you are beginning to think about what’s truly important to you. It’s as though your awareness is expanding into the infinite space beyond the boundaries of your mind as you realise life doesn’t have to be shaped by ought’s, must’s and should’s, but it can also be defined and re-defined by your own beliefs, ideals and expectations. Whilst, life carries no guarantees, it’s easy to hover on the periphery waiting for a ‘better moment’ to thrive without acknowledging the fact that even the status quo isn’t set in stone and guaranteed as everything changes. Now, this isn’t to say you should drop everything and never make a commitment to anyone or anything again, but equally, it is important not to feel imprisoned in the life you’ve created for yourself. Change is inevitable, opportunity is everywhere; it’s up to you if you choose to embrace these concepts or not.

You’ve spent a lot of time waiting for the ‘right moments’ in life, waiting to let your inner light shine and waiting to grab life with both hands. You’ve also spent a lot of time giving yourself a hard time for waiting. Instinctively you know waiting causes stagnation, and whilst there is always wisdom in thinking things through, there are times when you know you need to step from where you are now to where you need to be. Life is complex, frustrating, unknowable and indecipherable, but that’s not going to change and waiting for it to, is likely to lead to a long wait. You therefore have a choice: accept the status quo or don’t. Either way, the most important lesson for you to learn now is the lesson of self-belief…


As your twinkly, sparkly essence, also known as your sense of self, continues to break cover and head towards the surface of your soul, there is a growing sense you are beginning to allow it some breathing space to stretch, expand and come to life. Although you have always been aware of your true, sparkly self, you have often found it hard to find ways to incorporate this into your everyday world as there has been a void between your everyday life and the space where potential and dreams reside. It’s as though you have grown into a belief that there simply isn’t time to twinkle, sparkle and let your soul shine as you are too busy keeping on keeping on. Of course, in many ways this is true, but keeping on and twinkling are not mutually exclusive, you can do both! It seems you have become so focused on trying to do everything for everyone you have forgotten to include yourself in the equation.

It’s also important to realise that embracing your essence doesn’t have to mean turning your back on everyone around you, it simply means a willingness for you to honour yourself much more. Compassion is something you have in bucket loads, but self-compassion? Well, it’s time to love, honour and respect yourself far, far more. Compassion can sometimes feel overwhelming, particularly as you have such deep respect for others and would tend to do just about anything to help, support or keep them safe, but when the cost of doing this is a diminishment of your own light, intuitively you know things have grown out of kilter and you need to turn to face this in order to establish a new equilibrium. Whilst you will never stop being there for others, it’s time to be here for you too…


As you continue to explore your inner space and look deeply within your own heart and soul, there is a growing sense of bewilderment emerging from you as you had hoped to go deeper to find answers but have, in fact, ended up with even more questions. It’s understandable to want to make sense of your life and to know why things are the way they are, yet there is no end point to this quest as you are on an ever-moving treadmill into unknowable terrain. Whilst you long for a pause in order to re-centre and re-focus, intuitively you know you can’t have this as nothing ever stays the same, so a realisation in one moment becomes past tense in the blink of an eye and you find yourself seeking answers to the next chapter of your life. In many ways life is a linear experience, one year after the other, but it is also cyclical and perhaps this is the key for you to explore now?

If you step back to look at the bigger picture of your life you will see numerous repeating patterns and cycles, some repeat due to lessons not learned and others repeat because that’s what they do, just like the four seasons. Maybe by exploring the cycles of your life, you can begin to gain a stronger sense of purpose once again? It is unquestionably hard to feel lost up the creek without a paddle or GPS, but instead of using every ounce of energy to find the paddle and GPS (and to understand why they were lost), it seems time now for you to tap into your innovative ingenuity and find another way. Life isn’t about going backwards and forwards along a linear pathway, it’s about having the courage to take a deep breath and explore with an open heart and an open mind…


August looks set to be a month for some honest self-reflection and introspection as you continue to sort out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to what you truly want in life. In many ways, you have become stuck in a rut, a repeating cycle of ‘sleep, shower, breakfast, work, food, Facebook, TV, bed, shower, work…’ Of course, there may be some other aspects to your routine missed out from this list, but you get the gist. Your life has become predictable and, if you are honest, a tad boring; whilst keeping on keeping on is important as it pays the bills, you are beginning to wonder ‘why?’. Why are you feeling so unfulfilled? Why are you going through the motions day after day after day? Why aren’t you looking beyond this cycle to the world beyond? Why are you stuck in a rut but seem unwilling or unable to do anything about it? Well, life is often a matter of perception, so if you feel stuck you create an inertia of immovability making it so hard to break the cycle.

Yet, you are not one to believe in the concept of ‘think positive: change your life’ as it seems rather twee to you. However, consider this: what if how you think shapes your ability to look at life in different way? So, a willingness to break the cycle from time to time doesn’t have to feel unsettling but it can feel liberating as you are giving yourself a well-earned rest from the cycle you have created for yourself. You may not feel as though you created this cycle as it’s an inevitable part of life, but it’s also important to take ownership for the choices and decisions you make. What happens next is up to you…


Perhaps more than most, you have been caught up in the wash, spin, rinse, spin cycle of life over recent weeks and months. You have found yourself in the middle of a whirlwind of energy, moving multi-laterally and multi-dimensionally at the same time; never pausing in the same moment twice but never having the time to take stock or get your bearings. It’s been a challenging time for you as you haven’t been able to get your head around where you are and why; you’ve felt lost, discombobulated and overwhelmed, often all at once, and it’s been hard for you to grab hold of your inner lion to roar and re-centre. However, all is not lost, and, as hard as it may seem, this whirlwind hasn’t been a waste of your time and energy as you now find yourself on the leading edge of a new chapter in your life.

It’s as though being tossed about like a little boat in stormy seas has shaken away all the inner cobwebs and doubts, leaving behind your true, colourful, vibrant and passionate self: the real you. This real you has always been present of course, it’s just that life has often muddied the waters and left you caught up in places to go, people to see and things to do. Distractions can fill life up if you let them as the ‘to do list’ never really shortens; when life gets busy, distractions get bigger and bigger until all sense of proportion is lost. So, the only way forward from this is to pause for a moment in order to re-connect to your true essence. It’s not rocket science, just a willingness to allow yourself some breathing space as this will help you to put all of the distractions back into perspective once again. Well, it’s time to breathe, re-centre and be you…


August looks set to be a month of insight, inspiration and intuition as you begin to gain a new sense of perspective when it comes to living the life you were born to live. You have always been a visionary and you have long held a vision of the life you intuitively know is your true path as you have kept it close to you throughout your years on earth. However, whilst knowing your path gives you a sense of direction, it’s also important to acknowledge the life you are living now as, whatever way you look at it, this is the life you were born to live as you’re already living it! It’s easy to see your destiny as ‘over there’ whilst you are ‘over here’, but the present is on the pathway to the future, and over here is a part of over there; they are intertwined and interwoven in a most delicate and intricate fashion.

Your quest, if you choose to accept it, is in bringing together the two ends of where you are and where you want to be and allowing them to merge and become one. This isn’t giving up on your dreams but it’s a willingness to acknowledge the importance of the present moment and accepting it’s just as important as the promised land of ‘living the life you were born to live’. In fact, you can go even deeper than this in order to wholeheartedly acknowledge you are already living the life you were born to live and, by doing so, bringing back together the many different facets of your perspective into the here and now. The life you were born to live isn’t just the destination, it’s the whole experience, so right turns, wrong turns, dead ends or going off road, it’s all a part of life…


The concept of ‘over-thinking’ is one that has often puzzled you, after all, how can one over-think? Surely one can only think to the full capacity of one’s brain, not more than that? Over-thinking is a concept managed only by a select few and understood by even less. As an over-thinker, it’s hard not to want to make sense of this as it suggests you are not very good at something (oh, the perfectionist in you!), yet, over-thinking is the skill that’s allowed you to take huge strides forwards in life, to think outside of the box and to reach towards the stars when it comes to reaching for your dreams. However, over-thinking has also left you struggling at times feeling overwhelmed and unable to make sense of why things are the way they are. Over-thinking is a natural state of being for you, it isn’t a ‘problem’ most of the time as it’s your spark and va-va voom, but there are times when it becomes your nemesis as you just keep on digging, digging, asking questions, weighing up possible outcomes and more digging.

It’s as though you become so focused on finding out why things are the way they are that you have lost sight of everything else. Perhaps changing the phrase ‘over-thinking’ to ‘boundary-less philosophising’ will make you feel more positive about this trait? Your brain is a powerful supercomputer that moves at a million miles an hour, few can keep up with you, but this doesn’t stop you from using this gift to fly high in life. It’s only when you hear someone calling you an ‘over-thinker’ do you question its validity in your life so – stop! Over-thinking is just a way for others to try to make sense of your ever-expanding brain, so stop over-thinking it (!) and get back to your philosophising beyond boundaries…


August looks set to be a month of unravelling some of the more complex conundrums of your life as you begin to see how the different facets of your being all fit together (or not). You have long had a sense of the bigger picture of your life but you have struggled to find a way to make sense of it all or to understand why things are the way they are. You are, on many levels, a mysterious soul as your depths are boundless and you rarely expose your softer underbelly to the daylight. It’s not that you are distant or unapproachable, but you can find it hard to let your real essence dance free. There are many reasons for this, from past experiences to a wariness of allowing others to get too close in case they are not as honourable as they appear. Trust can be hard for you at times as you have been stung in the past and this has created an in-built caution when it comes to letting others see, touch or feel your depths.

It seems clear that the key to making sense of why things are the way they are is to find a way to bring together your inner depths with the rest of your formidable self; inner union can create a stronger sense of equilibrium, enabling you to step back even further from the bigger picture to see the ‘even bigger picture’; one that includes you living with an open heart and an open mind. You may recoil at the thought of exposing your underbelly, yet you also yearn for it as you want to feel a sense of inner unity again and you know the only pathway to this is through wholehearted vulnerability; being real, being seen and being authentic. It’s your time to dance…


What do you truly want? What do you, wholeheartedly, genuinely, truly want? Yes, it’s that question again. It keeps popping up, so clearly there’s a need for you to answer it. July asked you to explore the question, August is asking you to answer it. You have long had ideas of what you want in life and you have long had a sense of your gifts and talents, yet you have also long had a massive ‘to do’ list of things to do, people to see and places to go which never gets shorter and acts as a huge distraction that takes you away from ever having to do anything about what you truly want. Why? Do you fear failure? Success? Do you wonder if your life would feel empty if you were no longer striving towards your dreams? Or do you just prefer your dreams to remain dreams as you rather like being in a constant state of longing?

Most of these questions seem unlikely but clearly something is thwarting your progress as you would rather unclog the sink than sit down and reconnect to what you truly want. Only you can know why this is the case but it seems important for you to explore this now otherwise you may end up looking back on your life thinking ‘what if’ or ‘if only’. You are a visionary, a creative, passionate spark of lifeforce, so why on earth are you so self-doubting and self-deprecating? Why is it okay to give yourself a hard time or deny yourself the opportunity to let your talents and gifts thrive? They may be your gifts but keeping them locked within your heart and soul denies everyone the opportunity to feel the joy of them, including you. You have reached a crossroads, and this is your moment to stop procrastinating and start living…


For a long time now, you’ve been waiting for a special moment: a moment where the planets align, unanswered questions get answered and where you know exactly and precisely what to do. It’s understandable to want such a moment, after all, when you are making some big life decisions, you don’t want to make them lightly or without due thought and consideration. Whilst this makes sense, intuitively you already know how unlikely it is you will step into such a moment as it’s sat up on the pedal-stalled horizon of what a perfect life might look like. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have aspirations or hopes, but when you hold back waiting for a moment you already intuitively know won’t come, then perhaps you need to ask yourself what your true motivations really are as it clearly isn’t really about the ‘right time’. Life is never straightforward, or black and white, as it is a kaleidoscope of shades of greys as well as the unending palette of colours in the spectrum.

Whilst it’s understandable to want ‘clear-cut’, is it really helping you to hold back when you know you can’t have it? Yes, this frustrates you and, yes, it is a deeply annoying part of being human, but it seems the frustration created from not getting something you already intuitively know you can’t have is growing ever-more intense and it’s this frustration that’s creating the true barrier to you knowing when to act and when not to; it’s getting in the way of you being you. Listen to yourself and trust your intuition as you know it’s formidable. Self-doubt only undermines you, and frustration clouds the view, so turn this around now, and start seeing just how blessed you are to be standing at a crossroads; what happens next is up to you…


There are times in your life when you feel caught up in a moment, unable to sense where you are or why. You can feel overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time, as well as both excited and fearful, joyful and sad. It’s as though every pathway in your life has suddenly converged into this moment and you can’t quite make sense of it, or work out what’s happened. The first time it occurred, you put it down to chance, the second time you thought it was co-incidence, but now you have experienced it on numerous occasions you are beginning to see things from a slightly different perspective. Although you are still unsure exactly why you have these convergent moments, you have begun to see them as a blessing as they each give you a rare opportunity to see the bigger picture in a nicely condensed version in the blink of an eye. It’s as though you suddenly get every thought process and idea coming together as one so things that you once couldn’t understand or make sense of, are now clear and concise.

It’s hard to articulate as it’s more of a feeling, but it seems you are now approaching another ‘convergence’ of several different pathways of your life bringing you an opportunity to merge many of your skills and talents into a more cohesive whole. Whilst the process can feel a little overwhelming, you now know it’s part of the process towards clarity in your life, so your willingness to allow the pathways to converge and explode in a powerful display of colour enables you to become a part of the process rather than be a perplexed spectator and, as a result, you are able to take an active part in re-shaping and re-defining your life…


As you continue to work out a balance between your everyday life and your creative spark, there is a sense you are beginning to realise just how important your creative, spiritual, imaginative and emotional well-being actually is. This may sound like an odd observation, as of course you know how important they are, yet, just how much do you offer tenderness and love for these aspects of yourself? You are so often caught up in the throng and buzz of daily life that you forget about your own, deeper, needs. It’s easy to overlook your creativity, spirituality and emotions as they frequently get in the way of the business of keeping on keeping on. Yet, you intuitively know you can’t ignore these for long as, over time, your overall well-being will begin to suffer as you shift out of kilter and find yourself unable to fully function in life. Why do you feel as though these get in the way of your life? Can’t they be a part of your life? The more you see them as separate forces, the harder it becomes to re-unify and re-balance.

To live disconnected from the forces that ultimately create your true essence takes a lot of strength and courage, yet why would you want to? They’re not distractions, nor are they irritants, they are the keys to you living a full, rich and rewarding life. It’s time to restore your perspective in order to acknowledge your true essence and allow it to flow freely in your life, then you will see just how important it is to live in harmony and balance. Once you realise they are not distractions, but potent enhancements to life, you will find yourself more able to achieve balance between being super-you and being your true self.

» Source – Astrologer: Sarah-Jane Grace