Mike Quinsey: The Vibrations Continue to Rise

mikequinseyThe vibrations continue to rise and those souls of the lowest vibrations are slowly but surely finding them more difficult to deal with the and as a result they become disorientated. Needless to say, they will leave such levels when Ascension takes place, and move to one that they find comfortable and to their liking. Naturally those of you who are raising your vibrations will feel no adverse

God’s Message: Your Key to Life Is How You See It

heavenlettersOpen your Heart to Love. What is so hard about this? In some corners of Life, this means simply to fear not. What an amazing expression – to fear not. To set yourself loose from fear. To say Sayonara to fears, little and big. To come to the place where you can rise from fear. What basic fear is it that you are to rise from?

Rose Oil May Heal Heart Disease, Cancer, And Depression

rose goldenRoses symbolize love, but could their connection with the heart be more than a sentimental Valentine’s Day tradition? Medical researchers and practitioners are rediscovering and demonstrating what traditional medicine has known for centuries — that rose heals.

Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Archangel Michael, One Who Serves: Many That Have Refused The Light Have Already Been Taken Off Planet

archangel michael eraoflightARCHANGEL MICHAEL

I AM Archangel Michael. As always we bring love and light with us. And I bring my Golden Sword of Truth as I share with you now the truths that are coming to you, the many truths that are going to be revealed that are being revealed.

Twinflames Part 3: Separation

eraoflight twinflamesSeparation follows the swooning stage. The stage of separation occurs as a result of fear of the extreme emotions that accompany the connection shared between the Twin Flames. There are often unfavorable circumstances involved, which serve as an excuse to separate, but no matter what, the whole thing is that the separation never occurs

Twinflames Part 4: Illumination

twins flamesWe like this word, Illumination, because it is quite literal for what is happening. You are bringing in and allowing more light into your life and you are building a light body. Discovering and applying more concepts of love and light. Working with love and light and using your new found state of consciousness to serve the world. Reaching a state of unconditional love is consistent

Google-Youtube Goes Full Nazi Against Independent Media

eolnewsOn August 1, 2017, the YouTube blog provided an update on their Orwellian censorship policies, where under the guise of updating users on their “commitment to fight terror content online,” they will be implementing full Nazi fascist tactics to hide content that is “controversial but do not violate our policies,” by using “cutting-edge machine learning technology designed