The Feng Shui Connection Of The Heart And Eyes

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There are many ways to go about manifesting your desires. The first and most direct is to take action. Action is critical, but what about when you’re forming your idea? How do you manifest your heart’s desire faster and more easily – and most importantly – more exact to what you want?

Feng shui is more than moving chairs around and adding flowers to your dining room table. Feng shui can be applied to your car, your wardrobe, your jewelry choices, and yes, even toward the things you desire most. Yet, using it is very simple, but understanding how it works and why it works quickly is a definitively feng shui concept.

Chi, or energy, whether it is that of a room or your own personal chi, can all be changed. I always say that ‘chi flows where the eye goes.’ This is why when you enter a house that has a wide picture window or a door opposite the entryway, your eye (and the home’s energy) goes out that door or window. For the homeowner that views this daily, their energy goes out the door or window with their vision, and they often suffer from lowered finances, difficulty making progress in their lives or have health problems.


For instance, in decluttering, you have to see the clutter removed to feel its affect. When you think of clutter being gone, it’s not the physical space the clutter took up that’s removed, it’s the visual space that’s opened up – and we take in the open space and room to grow that comes with it — through our eyes.

When we unburden our eyes, we unburden our hearts.

Likewise, when we delight our eyes, we delight our hearts. Just think how your heart leaps when a bouquet of flowers is delivered to your home or you walk in the house and it’s been freshly painted or re-decorated.
In feng shui, the eyes and the heart and connected.

Their element is fire, and the fire element is associated with the symbols of success, like a new car, a new, roomier apartment, or a beautiful gemstone. It’s the connection of eyes, heart, and brain that can also help you manifest your desires.

Follow these directions on how to manifest your dearest wishes and deepest dreams faster and easier.

1. Write it down.
Putting your dearest wishes on paper amounts to creating a map for yourself. A desire that is not written down only lives in your head. Putting it on paper can instantly quadruple your likelihood of achieving it. Making it visual is the next step to making it real.

2. Visual images imprint on the heart.
We’ve all heard that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ and we know it to be true. Our eyes take images straight to our heart. When you use an image for your desires or goals, you place that image on your heart –and the heart wants – and goes after – what the heart sees.

3. Hand, eye, heart, brain.
There is much discussion in teaching circles about eye-hand coordination, and the importance of them working together. That’s because this is the magic connection. When the hand writes, it makes an imprint on the brain. Then your eye sees it, and it makes an imprint on your heart. When the heart (eye/emotion) and brain (hand/thought) are aligned, this is when magic really happens. This is why vision boards are so powerful and why anything you truly want needs words and images to help you manifest it.

4. Hand to heart to complete the circuit.
Feeling your desires is also a critical piece of the manifestation puzzle. Look at your desires or goals that you have written on paper or have on our vision board. Hold your hand to your heart and observe your words and images, say the words, feel the words and feel the images. When you do this, you are in effect, doing energetically what engineers teach about electricity, and that is, you are completing the circuit.

For electricity to work, there must be a continuous loop, or flow, of energy. If there is a break along any of the circuit, energy does not flow to light a lightbulb, for instance. This is also true for manifesting our desires. We must complete the circuit of eyes, heart and mind. This follows the concept of chi.

When there is an interruption or block of chi flow, like an oddly placed chair, walking into the room is interrupted and difficult. Chi works best like a smooth flowing river. Your manifesting chi works the same – it must be smooth, flowing and uninterrupted. Link your hand, heart and eyes together to keep a continuous loop of energy by holding your hand over your heart when you look at your desires, wish list or vision board.

5. Experiential wishing.
When we want something new, we often go shop for it. Think about going shopping for a new handbag, bicycle or shoes. You may go to a bike shop and test out the bike or try the shoes on, admiring how they look on you. This is another way of linking your eyes and heart together for your dreams is to experience something. Is it a new car you want? Go test drive it. Look at new apartments or visit open houses in a neighborhood you like. Once you put the energy out there, the fire for that item begins burning and will help you achieve what you want faster.

6. Antithetical wishing.
There are two types of wishes, the pleasure wish and the pain wish. What uncomfortable thing are you tolerating or avoiding? Sometimes our goals are backwards. Rather than focusing on a pleasure, we should focus on our pains instead. Often simply getting rid of the pain and the difficulties in our lives helps us to achieve the pleasure we want. If you’ve had difficulty manifesting what you want, try focusing on what you need to rid yourself of. Your heart will thank you.

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