God’s Message: Your Key to Life Is How You See It

heavenlettersOpen your Heart to Love. What is so hard about this? In some corners of Life, this means simply to fear not. What an amazing expression – to fear not. To set yourself loose from fear. To say Sayonara to fears, little and big. To come to the place where you can rise from fear. What basic fear is it that you are to rise from?

Rise from the basic fear of granting yourself freedom to live Life as you are without chains and hand cuffs. To be as you are doesn’t mean to be as you used to be or used to think you were. Those were just ideas. Make room for new thinking. Flex your Muscles. Say Yes to Life more than you say No.

You like new things. You like new cars. You like new books. You like new clothes. Why maintain old fears? No need to replace old fears with new ones. Where did you get the idea that fears are to have a place of honor in your Life?

Beloved, you are the only one who can set yourself free. It is for you to give yourself permission to declare your freedom – your freedom from what? How about declaring your freedom from everything that ails you?

Your key to Life is how you see it. You can’t get around this.

One way or another, you learned to adapt to fear as a Way of Life. You learned well. Hey, never mind now the old fears you used to hang out with. They are ominous shadows, wasps that buzz around you. Fears are your thoughts that you supercharge.

Look, if you have been filling your car with a certain fuel, you can start using a new fuel. If you don’t favor the color of a room you live in, you can change the color of the room.

To what are you obligated? Did you once upon a time think that the more fears you have, the safer you are? Fears must relish that you are afraid of them. They like keeping you around. They like being believed in. You give them an importance. You make them feel big.

Make yourself feel bigger. Be keen on setting yourself free. Lower the flames of fear.

When it comes to your heart, you might as well unlock the locks of your heart. Say No to locks. Let your heart breathe. Let yourself Be. Let go of the guards within that lock you up with the idea of protecting you. What they protect you from is Life. Fears make you say, “No, thank you,” to Life.

Let your strictures go. Tell yourselves different stories. Fears don’t have to catch you. You don’t have to count your fears like prayer beads. Dear Ones, once and for all, say: “So long to all those hanger-on fears.” Fears aren’t nice. You don’t have to go around fearing water in order to avoid drowning.

If you must object to something, object to tying yourself up in knots. If you must fear, fear to keep the door of your heart locked. Fear to carry old rules.

Make up with yourself. Undo barriers to your Joy. Let fears that bind you go take a hike. Take a vacation from fear. Walk down a new street. Walk over your fears. Walk past them. Turn your back on them. Fear doesn’t have to mean so much to you as it once did. Take a break. Displace fear thoughts. Adapt to Joy.

Anger enjoins fear. Dislike enjoins fear. Fear enjoins fear. Named fears are not the only fears in your pocket. Give yourself a high sign to change. You don’t have to stay the same. Staying the same isn’t safer. Give yourself a new nickname. How about Gladness. Break off from tension. Admit Love. Learn a new dance step.

Consider Me a Dance Teacher. Fear is not the only game in town. Fear isn’t free at all. Free your heart from isolation. Learn a new dance.

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