God’s Message: Doors Open, and Someone Walks Through

heavenlettersYou may have said more than once:

“How different the world would be if I had some say over it!”

Here’s the rub, dear Sons and Daughters: You do have say. You and the world go hand in hand. Lift your Life, and you lift the world.

If you see yourself as a cog in the wheel, how are you rating yourself?

If you see yourself as helpless, what do you contribute?

How you see the world, despite what you may prefer, is pretty much how you see yourself. Of course, there can be exceptions at least on the surface, yet pretty much, this is the case. Accept more confidence in your ability to make a difference, and you will make more of a difference.

How does a child from the slums who has no shoes grow up to be a billionaire? You might say it was by chance. You might say he was lucky. Indeed! You might say he worked hard. Regardless, he had somewhere deep within himself a belief in himself and his ability to make something happen. He had the drive. He had the get-up-and-go.

Regardless, you can also ask: “What is so all-out important about becoming a billionaire?” Of course, this may well be the way many prove their inherent value to themselves. At the same time, this question may be asked about many avenues in Life. Teacher, student, cabinet-maker etc.

In the example of the pauper who became a prince, likely, the pauper knew what he wanted. He didn’t let the grass grow under his feet. He didn’t say that he had no power. He told himself that he had power. He achieved what he set out to achieve.

In terms of that which may be called nefarious, how did Al Capone take over Chicago in those long ago days? How did he do it? Success, whatever that means, does not always come from good motives, yet success comes. If success can happen unethically, why wouldn’t success come from all the good hearts who yearn for good for all?

How did Abraham Lincoln grow up to become a president of the U.S.? He didn’t learn to read until he was twelve. His success wasn’t handed to him. His success may even have been viewed as impossible.

How did Mahatma Gandhi gain freedom for India and by peaceful means? Gandhi’s belief and persistence held great staying power. It could also be said the time had come for India’s freedom.

By dint of desire, determination, and their ability to rally people — people’s dreams, and beyond their dreams – do come true.
At the same time, there must be more to it, for many others have also had deep desires they worked hard for, and their desires did not come true, at least, not yet.

So, yes, what is called good luck and good fortune must also enter in. Synchronicity and perhaps also that which is called Destiny as well. At least, after the fact, a success was easy because it did happen — doors opened, and someone walked through.

I question that it is anyone’s Destiny to sit back with his feet up and decide he has no say or very little say.

Great numbers desire World Peace. World Peace has not yet, on the surface, prevailed. What delays this? What sense of futility is worth this delay?

Make peace in your Life. If the peace you make stays within the walls of your house, the Bells of Peace are nevertheless ringing. No one on Earth exists in a vacuum. Each person may be only a drop in the bucket, yet, how many drops in a bucket does it take to fill Lake Michigan or the Volga River? How much salt does it take to flavor a soup? Many drops are left over.

Think peace. Live peace, and so you usher in peace. No one may know that you are contributing to peace nor may anyone else know how much he or she contributes or takes away.

Mind Me. When you espouse peace, you contribute to peace. Be at peace within yourself. In the quiet of your heart, contribute to peace. Wrap your arms around peace. Be peace, and, so, you beat the Tom-Toms of Peace all over the world.

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