The Grandmothers: There is Nothing Impermanent About You

grandmothers speakI went to the Grandmothers and asked for a message for myself and for everyone.  They looked hard at me and said, “You are a tree.”  I stared at them in disbelief and they added, “Not the sort of tree you see in parks or along the street.  Not a tree in your garden that lives for a while and then is gone.   No,” they said, “you are the World Tree. You are one life, one indivisible life.  The life you are, the force you are underlies every tree, every person, every body of water, everything.   You are the life everlasting that scriptures speak of.   There is nothing impermanent about you.

“You often confuse the ‘you’ of you with your body,” they explained.  “Confuse it with your personality, with the thoughts that flit through your consciousness.   You are not things that are here one moment and gone the next.  You are beyond all that.  Vast.  You are vast.

“Right now the world around you is changing at a pace so fast you cannot accommodate it.  You’re shocked by the way things are taking place on Earth.   All around you the sacred cows of childhood are dropping to the ground.  Everything is in flux; change is moving at warp speed  —  sped up to the point you cannot keep up with any of it.  Don’t even try,” the Grandmothers said.“Just watch it. Be the one who observes.

“You can do this because you are the one who never changes.  The ‘you’ of you underlies everything you think of as ‘reality.’  You are more than any of this.  Much more.  So let all the busyness of life go for now,”they said, throwing up their hands.  “Instead, sit quietly and call on us.  Slow down and when you feel yourself becoming quiet inside, ask us to give you a taste of your ‘real’ reality.  Just a taste,” they said. “We will give you just

“Ask for this taste of your true self and then observe what it feels like. Take the time to own this changeless core of  ‘you.’   You need a dose of ‘reality’ so you can more easily cope with the ephemeral, topsy-turvy world you are living in.  You need it and we are happy to oblige.  All you need do is quiet down, ask us and then simply observe.  Try it now.  It will do you good.”

The Great Council of the Grandmothers, 8-25-17


» Source – Channel: Sharon McErlane