HeavenLetters: From Where Cometh Joy?

heavenlettersWhere is your Heart going? Do you go with your Heart, or do you doubt the direction of your Heart? Do you follow your Heart all the way to your Destiny? Or are you under the subjection of your mind? Your mind may keep you stilled in place. Often, your mind follows a trodden path. But, ah, your Heart. Your Heart roams. Your Heart takes you places where the Specialty of the Love within you flourishes. This is not pinning your Love on an object outside of you, not even to a Soul Mate. The Love We speak of is deeper, more like the art or music of your Soul. What makes your heart tick?

Your mind, as beautiful as it is, seems to corner you. The mind sure seems like a safe haven, yet, within the mind, ego may lurk. To be sure, ego carries its emotion, and your face goes red with it. No matter how strong mighty ego may propose to be, ego fears to let Love come out of hiding, for Love gets in the way of ego.

See your Heart as the Captain of Your Ship. See your Heart as the Truth of you. Your Heart isn’t a wild card that leads you astray. Your Heart isn’t synonymous with ego. Heart is strong. Ego is full of bluster because it is weak and has to pump itself up. No, don’t mix up ego with Heart, not even once.

In your Heart, you are in your element. Ego is something like a particle of grit caught in your eye. It momentarily blinds you as you seek to see. Ego clogs your Heart. Ego is by no means the key to your Heart. Love is.

With all honor to accountants, for they belong in Life, your mind is given over to accountancy. Your mind likes to keeps count. Your mind stores records. Records are right on the surface. Records are like a ship’s log.

The Heart is more like the ship’s rudder, hmm, perhaps steering wheel.

You may have thought of your Heart as a bit grungy. Not so. Your Heart is unlimited. Your True Heart has no boundaries. Therefore, your Heart may well be more capable than your mind.

Your mind may say to you:

“What is in your best interest now? What will lead you to the most gain in the world? Be sensible now.”

Your True Heart sings out to you:

“What in the world fosters your joy, my matey?”

Your Heart is not thinking of a reward, although, of course, following your Heart is great reward. Your Heart isn’t calculating. It is does not parry with questions. Your Heart has one question:

“What is in my Heart? Where is the Stream of My Love? How do I find this Love? How do I express it? What fills my Heart to overflowing? May I discover where my Heart is drawn at its depths. When I find the venue of My Love, all this Love will spill out and nourish the world. I must know what my Love looks like, and what makes it flow.”

This is not quite the same as taking measurements, you understand. Love is much more an Undertaking of Great Proportions. It is finding out the Essence of your Heart and going further. Love certainly is not staying where your mind happens to be or where someone outside you has relegated your Love to be.

Honestly, your Love is looking for what truly lies within.

Love doesn’t seek for itself with a profit motive. Love seeks to express itself. Love will out. The Love within you wants to know what its avenues in the world really are.

Does the Love in you ride in a gondola? Does the Love in you live in a glade? What beckons the Love in your Heart?

» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff