Mother Mary: Voice of Love

m maryI am Mother Mary and I want to thank all the people on Earth today. You have shown the way with your courage and your patience – The path that takes you out of the darkness and back into the Light. The shadows are beginning to fall my dear children on Earth. The large dark shadows have started to fall and dusk goes into darkness and into the Light again. You are the children of the Light dear children on Earth and the Light has now called you back to the light beings that you really are. Your whole being now absorbs more light and awakens you to your long forgotten identity – The one you originally were and the one you came down to reawaken.

It is a blessed time now and now it rains down a shimmering light of gold and silver on Earth. It is picked up by your bodies and awakens that which shines deep inside you. The new world is awakening first within you before it is manifested in the outer world. Many people have woken up and their longings and dreams are now in the process of manifesting in their outer world. These energies impact many more souls that drowsily look up and start to pursue their dreams. Your new world start at your feet and spread slowly out in your outer world. Now, it is so dear children on Earth that thousands of people have woken up and their dreams have started to manifest in their outer world and more are attracted as magnets to this paradise, which they have just started to create – An Earth with peace and love to those that inhabit it.

In the Kingdom of Peace one can create much that is good for all people, animals and nature. Everything you create is created by love to one self and others that share the same Earth and who understand that all belongs together in order for us to feel good – yes, in order for all who are a part of Earth to feel good. You see dear children on Earth everything is inside you. You have all within you to create what you want as long as you create out of love. I, Mother Mary, love you so much and know and understand how hard it can be to find the love and the strength within one self. You just need to understand that you are not alone. You have and always will have a light within you. We, your guides and leaders, can help you to fan the light so that the flame gets bigger and eventually fills yourself with light from top to toe. You are surrounded by light. Feel and experience the light within and around yourself and you will understand that you are more than you have become in this heavy density that you have chosen to experience. The Light is here now, dear children on Earth. It is time to become one with the light again and to embrace its rays that want to wake up your own rays of light. You are the children of the light and it is the path of the light that you now will walk.

It is the voice of love that now will be heard all over Earth today. It is the acts of love that will come from your hands. It is the message of love that again will sound all over the Earth. You are love and you are loved beyond all understanding. We can see your attempts to reinsert the Light on Earth and we help you with each step that you take in that direction now. Your thoughts and acts are important now so think and act in the service of love. Understand that it was in the service of love that you chose to come down to Earth – The love for Mother Earth and all her creations that are here together with you. All these creations are now sending you all the energy they can in order to help you to anchor the light on Earth and in all the hearts of people today, yes, all beings that live and move on Earth.

Your love and your light will now shine all over Earth and we shine together with you, dear children on Earth. Be steadfast in your light and be sure that we stand as steadfast at your side.

I now shine with my light down to you and when I see your star-eyes being lit up, then my heart is filled with love for the small stars that you now carry within you.

God’s love now shines down to the children of Earth and pull them home again to the abode that they always have belonged to, embraced by God’s love and wisdom.

I leave you now and let the light in my heart fall in front of your feet so that it will lead you home again.

Mother Mary!

» Source – Channel: Ann Dahlberg – Translation from Swedish to English: Per Staffan