Mass Meditations 8/21

eraoflight narrow mass meditation.jpgGreetings to All! I KejRaj at this time call upon all lightwarriors to spend more time meditating for the next three weeks. Be prepared for world wide mass meditations on August 21. I myself will be spending as much time as possible in nature for three days, from August 19, 20 and 21st. Join with your friends and family for meditations. Call upon the Angelic Realms, your Guides, the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, your Star Family, to join you, to amplify your energies, your intentions, your visions for the new reality in our world. Connect with your soul. All is Light, All is Love, All is Well. So It Is.

eraoflight world wide meditations

3 Replies to “Mass Meditations 8/21”

  1. awolallie

    thank you friend for this message <3 and thank you for making it on the side banner, that is a great idea for important information. I myself have not been meditating as much as I would like but I will make a point to do it more. we are reaching the golden age 🙂 all is coming together wonderfully! love and light <3