HeavenLetters: How to Beckon Troubles to Leave

heavenlettersAs you well know by now, you want to divest yourself of your troubles. You don’t want to highlight your scourges. No matter how dire and how huge, you already know that there is no profit in keeping on about your troubles. You would give up commentaries on the difficulties you experience if only you could let go of them. I am telling you how. You already know how to dwell on complaints. You fell into that. I do not tell you to kid yourself that all is hunky-dory. I, God, say to release the thorns in your side.

When a situation concerns a loved one’s leaving Earth, this is on a different scale. When it is a loved one, you want to keep that which you have to let go of. You know you have to let go. You have to reach a new balance. By comparison, when it’s a case of a loved one, it’s a whole new world.

Now We speak of lesser difficulties that weigh on you and that you don’t want.

Certainly, you are not a Pollyanna who seems to pretend her difficulties away, yet, bless Pollyanna, for she knew enough to divert her attention from difficulties.

Okay, if you want to know a secret on how to let difficulties go, begin by not regurgitating them. Certainly, you deplore difficulties. You don’t love them. You don’t like them. You can’t stand them. They get in your way. They are stumbling blocks. They catch in your craw. You might say you would give anything to not have difficulties.

Dear Foolish Children, too often you make difficulties the topic of the day or week or subject of the week, or theme of your Life. You parade difficulties around for all the world to hear. You complain and complain. You have every right to complain except, when you go on and on about what makes your Life difficult, you feature difficulties in your Life. You give difficulties the spotlight.

From the point of view of your difficulties, you must love them when you think and talk about them so much. Innocent difficulties note your complaints as revealing your pride and joy in them.

God knows there is a human tendency to complain and complain about difficulties, as if this could be a way to get them to leave. Of course, your human tendency to complain gives difficulties the best seat in the house!

If you truly desire difficulties to leave you alone, give them what you want. You want them to leave you alone. Let go of them yourself. Instead of going on and on about what pains you, turn the other cheek.

If your car keeps breaking down, instead of what you may presently say, say:

“How good it would be to have my car start every time and keep on to my destination! How I would love that! How happy I would be!”

Right this minute, having said that to yourself, you may already feel your mood less heavy-duty. All the blessings may not have reached you yet, yet I wager that your mood has already shifted. We can say, in regard to your mood, that you have turned in a lemon and received a lease on a new car.

You feel better. No one is fooling you. You are shifting yourself from one mood to a better mood. You are shifting from complaint to how you desire your Life to be. Before you dominated your Life with difficulties. Now you are gathering a new vision.

When it comes to a serious matter such as losing a loved one, well, yes, you may take it hard. You don’t pretend it away. And you don’t feel better to hear that you will get over it. The thing is that right now, your heart weeps.

Beloveds, remember the joys you and a loved one had together. Do this even when it makes you cry more right now. This is better than recounting the losses and griefs that may rattle your Beautiful Heart.

» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff