HeavenLetters: The Grand Inquisition

heavenlettersHow do I, God, located as I am in Heaven, help you, My Children, to remove any and all obstacles to Love? And how in the world do I help you step over the act of judgment, for, of course, I have made it clear you are not to judge. You might say: “Whoa, God, You find me wanting. Isn’t that judgment pure and simple?

I understand how you feel.

You wonder: “Why would God try to have me see differently unless God finds fault with me?”

As you see it, from one side of My mouth, I say: “You are perfect.”

As you see it, from another side of My mouth, I say: “Yoohoo, get better. Smarten up.”

You have a point.

Yet I wonder, Dear Friends, in words, how can I want you to partake of greater happiness unless I see your turmoil from the way you see it, ahem, from a limited point of view?

Certainly, you feel: “If You, God, see me as perfect – You keep affirming and affirming I am – then what are You talking about, God, huh?”

I see your qualms and dilemmas and outright unhappiness, and, yes, I want you to be without them. I see you with energy and joy and making choices that benefit you and those around you, and those far from you as well. Beloveds, at the same time, excuse Me, I also see through you and all your shenanigans.

And, Yes, I see further than you do see.

I see you without guilt, without reprisals, and without fear. I most certainly have told you time and time again, one way or another: “Be the Love you are. Know that you deserve more than what you may presently accept. Be the joy of your Life. Accept the gift you are.”

It is you who accuses yourself.

Were it all up to Me, I would erase all that holds you back.

Let Me put this another way: I have removed all that holds you back. You have not seen. You may be like the elephant who has been unchained and still walks around and around within the same limits.

You may wonder: “How can it be that God can say with a straight face that I am wonderful but lacking at the same time?”

You, dear squirming human Beings, are more attached to perfection than I. How can I be attached to perfection when perfection is all I see? I see perfection, and I see you unaware of Who You Are and, too often, let Us say, your nose out of joint.

Now, you may nod and say that I remind you of your errant parents who would have you believe that all they want in all this world is your happiness. They insist that all they do, they do for you. It is for your good. All they want is your happiness, and you may not believe a word of it.

Do you sometimes consider Me in this vein?

So long as there are words, there are choices. One word is chosen over another. Are all choices judgments? Can language, perhaps, be all about seeming judgment of one kind or another?

If you choose chocolate ice cream over mango ice cream, have you made a judgment? Your judgment may be simply and innocently: “At this moment, I would like a chocolate ice cream cone.”

By choosing chocolate, you are not condemning any other flavor.

When I suggest that you keep rising notches, I do not condemn you. Personally — if the word personally can really apply to Me — I love you, and, yes, I do want you to wake up to a Higher Reality.

By saying the word Higher, a word lower is implied as well. This is language, and this is Life in the World, Beloveds.

Some day, and it is not so far off, We — you and I – the plurality of you who is in Truth One with Me – so We, the so-called We – We will commune without words. We will sink into Love and rise into Love, and there will be nothing to say, for all IS Being, so help Me, God.

» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff