Eclipse, The Divine In Action

eraoflight divine in action eclipse.gifGreetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

I AM made of the same light and love that the planets and the stars are made of. We are eternally connected. We are continuously exchanging energy. We have an impact on each other, positive or negative, the receiver decides. Night and day we play together.

In certain timelines this connection becomes stronger, the energy amplifies do to the way the ‘star bodies’ are aligned. THIS IS THE DIVINE IN ACTION.

This is a chance for both(you and the star body) to prepare, to find the piece within, to open the heart more, and be ready to receive and to CHANGE ones reality, ones vibration, generally to rise in vibration.

Since ancient times the alignments of the ‘star bodies’ have been recorded. The effects they have on our world have been heeded and celebrated for millennia. And yet the Western so called ‘modern man’ with a very limited awareness, still thinks that all of this is nothing more than a meaningless coincidence.

Now we approach a very unique and powerful alignment that WILL bring immense changes to this world once again, America in particular, the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017.

I can all ready feel the vibrations in every part of my body. The vivid dreams, the exhaustion, the moments of myself wanting to blow up in frustration. The need to rest and sleep more. From starving one moment to feeling full the next without eating anything, and sometimes overeating. Water water and more water is what the body really wants most.

I must say that no matter how I am feeling at any given moment, if and when I go outside, especially to a park and walk or just sit and relax in nature, I feel balanced again within seconds, it is amazing. Grass, trees, streams, fresh air, gentle winds, all do wonders for the body, mind and spirit.

There is so much going on right now within your being on all levels. So what are you to do? The short and simple answer would be to RELAX.

Be at peace with all, within and without. Eat less, eat light, drink plenty of water get plenty of rest, spend much time in nature. Your entire being needs to be at ease as you are receiving an extra boost of energy. This is assisting you heal, cleanse and activate your DNA at a much faster rate. A whole lot of activity is occurring in your head, the third eye in particular, you will notice much more activity than usual there. Also your higher heart is receiving intense waves of light, self love and love for all is greatly needed now.

This is a time of amplified intentions. A great energy is offered to YOU now, what will you do with it? Will you allow the old ways to distract you, pull you into negativity, or will you use this energy like a master in your reality, to change your life and the world.

We have stated previously BREATH IN LIGHT BREATH OUT LOVE. This is especially important RIGHT NOW. What do you wish to SEE in this world? What do you wish to experience? What do you wish to create? Be clear on your intentions and shine all of your light on them.

It is very simple. If you wish to see world peace, than imagine this, visualize this, SEE A PLANET OF PEOPLE DANCING HAND IN HAND OUT IN NATURE, LAUGHING, HUGGING, SHARING GIFTS. See the Animal Kingdom being free, playing in joy. Grab a bottle or two of water, go to a place with water, a stream, hold that bottle in your hand, see a light from your heart filling and mixing with the water in the bottle and say “may this bottle of light cleanse and purify the waters of Mother Earth, the rivers, the lakes, the seas, the oceans, may this bring joy to all of the Water Kingdom. So it is. And than gently pour the water in the stream and SEE it reaching far and wide into the oceans.

YOU as a Starseed, as a lightworker are needed now more than ever, for it is your light that WILL transmute the old energy of chaos into PEACE.

ONE OF YOU in meditation, in FOCUS, PURE IN INTENT, you are more powerful than a million who are asleep. This is not a metaphor, this is not to boost your ego, this is TRUTH, THIS IS WHY YOU ARE HERE NOW. YOU are also the DIVINE in action.

We are nearing a bumpy road, your light, your love, your expanded consciousness are needed now. Envelope the world in your HEART, send light and love to all of humanity and say All is Light, All is Love, All is Well, So It Is.

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj!