Mother Mary: We Are All Made From the Same Light of Love

m mary“Greetings, my most Beloved Children! I am here to tell you that you are the answer. You have heard before, a similar phrase, that you are the ones that you’ve been waiting for. Believe me, my most Beloved Ones, this is Truth. I see it, and I know that, even if you are not seeing it, or feeling it in this moment, you will!

“We have so much Joy to share! It is the High Joy; it is the Joy that is based in unconditional Love and, of course, Forgiveness and Gratitude for each other, and within each of yourselves. There really is nothing to forgive – but if you let go of it, then you can find Gratitude, and with that Gratitude comes your Joy. And along with that is Peace, the kind of Peace that, even though you might be ecstatically dancing, you know within your own Heart who you are! You know that you are your own creator. You know that you are made from the same Light of Love from which Mother/Father God created us all!!!

“And so, let go of whatever barriers or senses of separation you might have. Let yourselves be calm and strong. Let your Hearts fill with Courage. Calm your inner children – your ego and any part of you that wants to be in denial of this Truth – because it is your moment, your moment in time to finish whatever you have left to finish, regarding any 3D matters that might be still in a low vibration within you, or within your energy fields, or in your surroundings. It is to let go of any troubled thoughts about what is going on anywhere else in the World. It is to be in your own sacred space, your own sanctuary of Peace, where there is only Love, and where you create and express only Love.

“We know that at times the path has been quite rocky or challenging. It is time to look out upon the World from this Higher place, from your own sanctuary, and see it all, bright and shiny, literally shimmering like a jewel with the Light of Love in your own eyes, in your own vision, so that you are at Peace with all of the events that are yet to follow, because there are more. You’ve heard that already. I shall not dwell upon it. I am only telling you that whatever choices you make are to be your own – your own creations coming from your courageous Hearts, your wisdom, and your knowing that who you truly are is Love and its

“And so, I call you my Children because I love you so very much. I cannot even begin to express the Love I feel for each and every one of you. And is it not appropriate that we all consider each other to be Children dancing in the Light, happy, joyful, without cares – stopping to assist each other if there is any need for that – and moving together, Higher and Higher into that place which is so far beyond the third dimension that you have existed in, that it truly will be a whole new life, a whole new lifestyle for each and every one of you!

“So, as Ashtar has said, I am with you always, as we all are. We are closer with you than ever, because you have invited us in, welcomed us in, and brought yourselves up into Higher vibrations. And so it is that we can hug each other and love each other. And above all else, bless each other with the Love we all are, with the Love that we shall continue to be in expression of, as we move together along the path into the Golden Age and beyond. Thank you, my Beloved Ones, for being here and for receiving and radiating the blessings of Love and the Divine wisdom to give yourselves the Peace and the Joy you are!!! And so it is. Namaste!”


» Source – Channel: Susan Leland – Transcription by Marta