Sun Exposure Slashes Cancer Risk

sunny day eraoflightHow did it happen that people became afraid of the sun? The answer is probably found in the three steps of the Hegelian Dialectic. This is the principle used by many people to get what they want regardless of what it means for others. Here it has been used by people wanting to develop and profit from a sunscreen industry where none is needed.

Step 1: (Create a problem where none previously exists) In this case, people wanting to sell sunscreen products as their end goal begin by saying the sun is a problem because it has evil killer rays that cause cancer and other terrible outcomes.

Step 2: (Use mainstream media to broadcast and publicize the problem, and escalate its importance. Play to the emotions of people to the point where they become uncomfortable enough to clamor for a solution) In this case hire people to produce studies showing the sun’s rays are a major threat to life, health and happiness. Create a drumbeat of supposed authorities denouncing the sun as dangerous and deadly, and demanding a solution.

Step 3: (Get what you want by providing that solution) In this case announce that sunscreen is the solution to the problem of the sun. Make sure almost everyone understands that now they must rush to a store to by sunscreen every time they want to venture out of doors.

As you can probably see, the success of the Hegelian Dialect depends on the abdication of all common sense. What is right before the eyes is given no credence, as propaganda rules the day. As an example, most people have observed that almost every living thing resonates to the energy of the sun, and seeks a place under its radiance. Trees and plants turn their leaves to capture the sun’s rays. Pets and wild animals bask in its soothing warmth. Even houseplants seek the sun and will grow through blinds to get it. Listen to how happy birds are on a sunny day! Common sense says that when you seek the sun you are acting in step with the rest of nature and doing what you were designed to

It is difficult to reject the heavy conditioning the Hegelian Dialect can instill. It’s the same kind of conditioning that makes people think drugs are good and natural substances are bad. The best way to reject it is by knowing that this kind of conditioning is about making money without regard for the fate of humanity. It is not for your good – it is a crime against you.

Research documents that sun exposure slashes cancer risk

A study published in the International Journal of Cancer examined the relationship of sunlight to cancer by following 450,000 Caucasian participants from across the U.S., ages 50-71, for nine years. It found that people exposed to more sunshine have a significantly lowered risk of many types of cancer. The researchers correlated the typical ambient ultraviolet radiation from the sun (UVR) with a variety of cancers. Over the nine year period of follow up, UVR exposure significantly and inversely correlated with total cancer risk, meaning that higher levels of UVR were seen in those with lowered cancer risk. Twelve types of cancer were identified as being reduced by UVR exposure, including cancers of the lung, prostate, pancreas, colon, thyroid, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, kidney and bladder. Risk of melanoma was moderately elevated.

Researchers from the Cancer Institute of California investigated the association between UVR exposure and lymphatic cancers in 121,216 women. They found that large V-cell lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and multiple myeloma were negatively correlated with UVR exposure, again meaning that higher rates of UVR exposure were correlated with lowered rates for these cancers. Interestingly, they noted that Vitamin D was not associated with risk of lymphoid malignancies, suggesting the sun confers other protective benefits not yet known.

Researchers in Sweden studied the effects of sunlight on the risk of several diseases using a cohort of women aged 30 to 49, who were followed for fifteen years. They discovered that women who experienced sunburn twice or more during each year of adolescence had a reduced mortality rate from all causes compared with women who did not. They also observed a reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease in women who sunbathed regularly. But indoor tanning once or more per month for at least one decade actually increased risk of all-cause mortality when compared with women who experienced outdoor tanning.

Do you need some warming up before going out in the sun?

If you are a regular reader of this website, you are probably in fine form and ready to go out in the sun. If your health quest is just beginning, be sure your body is well supplied with antioxidants from eating fruits and vegetables or drinking coffee or tea before spending much time in the

If you haven’t been outside for years or have always worn sunscreen, build up your exposure slowly. Cover up with a lightweight tee shirt or robe for a while if you feel a burning sensation.

Don’t fear the sun. Let it shine on you and let its energy soak into your bones, tissues and psyche. Reconnecting with the sun is a big step in embracing the life giving force of nature.

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