The UFO “Code of Silence” and Why Breaking this Taboo is So Important

open contact eraoflightOMERTA: a code of silence practiced by the Mafia; a refusal to give evidence to the police about illegal activities.

I grew up in the lower west side of Manhattan in the 1950s. Little Italy was a neighborhood near Washington Square Park. I played there as a child. Long before Francis Copula’s blockbuster 1973 hit movie “The Godfather” was produced, I was aware of the Mafia’s presence as part of “life in the big city.”

Fast-forward thirty years to the early 1990s. I was partner in a large medical group in Southern California where I lived with my wife and our two children. After reading about UFOs for a year I decided to get involved in an investigation of the flying saucer phenomenon. I volunteered to be a Working Group Coordinator for a UFO research project called the CE-5 Initiative. This involved going to UFO hot spots and using powerful lights and thought projection in an attempt to attract UFOs to our research sites.

Dr Greer, an ER physician was heading the effort. His credentials as a fellow MD helped me recruit to our research effort two of my medical partners, “Dr Daniel “and his wife “Dr Maria” (pseudonyms.) Daniel was been interested in UFOs since childhood, but hadn’t given the subject much attention in years. As did I, he suddenly developed a passionate interest in the UFO subject.

Daniel was back then and still is a highly respected physician in the Department of Family Medicine, so much so that when he proposed to do a survey about UFO sightings among his patients, his departmental chief supported the proposal. Over many months he interviewed over 2400 patients and medical center workers about UFO sightings. The survey included doctors and other health professionals as well.

His results matched large national surveys that showed about 10 percent of the population claim to have had a UFO sighting. In five percent of those he interviewed the objects were close enough to discern actual shapes of what appeared to be anomalous craft and not merely some strange lights in the night sky.

One percent of survey responders, over twenty people in Dr Daniel’s sample, described having memories of extremely strange encounters with non-human beings that most identified as “aliens.” Some of the encounters however were viewed as “angelic” and a few were so strange that they defied any category.

What made Dr. Daniel’s survey robust is that he knew the personal and medical history of almost all those surveyed, People with alcoholism, or other mental infirmities were eliminated from the study. Daniel could easily do this screening task because he was the personal physician of most of the responders. Others who were not his patients were highly productive health workers at the medical center.

When it comes to UFO surveys, self-styled debunkers often ask questions like, “How many of those who saw UFOs also had sightings of Elvis Priestley’s ghost?” The clear suggestion is that only “crackpots” see and believe in UFOs. Daniel’s screening procedure answers this objection making his study is of unique importance.

One responder to the survey gives us a peek into the power of the societal taboo against people sharing their contact experiences. A middle aged female patient presented to Doctor Daniel’s clinic. She spoke Armenian, not English. Her son served as translator. After the medical evaluation Dr Daniel explained to her that he had a personal interest in UFOs and that separate from the care he was giving her he wanted to ask a few questions about any possible UFO sightings she might have had.

say_hear_no evil Instead of getting a quick reply to his question, Dr Daniel witnessed a prolonged animated discussion in Armenian between mother and son. When the translator finally “came up for air” he explained in English that some twenty years before when they were living in Turkey, both he and his mother had dramatic separate sighting of what appeared to be the exact same unidentified flying object. That UFO from their point of view was clearly not from this planet yet neither had ever dared to even mention to the other what they had seen separately.

What might we learn from this anecdote? I suggest that this account is a measure of the powerful taboo that prevents witnesses from speaking out about their close encounters. The bond of a mother to her child is one of the strongest that we can experience yet this closeness for some is insufficient to overcome the UFO taboo.

Flying saucers from my point of view are clearly something that the authorities don’t want us discuss seriously. Hollywood nonstop produces alien movies and as long as the subject is portrayed within the realm of fantasy, the taboo doesn’t apply. In my judgment an extraterrestrial presence is perceived of as a fundamental challenge to all terrestrial power elites. This includes military, political and most importantly economic sectors of the ruling classes.

The massive campaign of denial of the importance of the phenomenon and the ridicule of witnesses, reflect in part the ways in which dominant political/economic groups enforce their collective will. And to a great extent they have succeeded in keeping a partial lid on the situation. Despite the wishes of our rulers however, flying saucers refuse to go away and new sightings and other contact experiences are being reported all the time.

The success of this social “gag order” is something that depends on penalties if the taboo is broken. For breaking the mafia’s “vow of silence” known as Omerta, the consequences can be very serious indeed. The Mafia kills to enforce its taboo against informing on them to the police. In the flying saucer field usually such severe penalties need not be endured.

For both contact experiencers and all those who express themselves passionately on this subject, we don’t fear for our lives. Instead we can face discipline at work, as in the case of pilot sightings, or loss of the respect of family members and co-workers that results from challenging this taboo. As a result many witnesses censor themselves and are afraid to speak out as did the Armenian mother and son described in Dr Daniel’s research project.

How can supporters of UFO truth oppose this odious “vow of silence,” our special version of Omerta imposed on us by “the powers that be.” It is a kind of act of self censorship that is practiced each time one choose to limit UFO discussions to a “small circle of friends.”

I must admit I don’t know the answer to this question. I suspect that much will depend on whether UFO truth activists can successfully mount responsible public educational programs about the flying saucers. This may translate into the creation of a social movement that declares UFOs are important because they hold the key to solutions for the environmental crisis related to greenhouse gases. This could come about if flying saucer propulsion technology could be safely shared with Earth civilization.

UFO saucer moon sky

The struggle to lay the foundation for such a radical social movement will depend on decisions made by countless individuals who will have to renounce “the code of silence. “Speaking out is the first step. Creating well-funded democratically organized groups will be a next step.

The struggle to achieve these radical goals can only start when ordinary people in large numbers start to seriously speak out about UFOs at every reasonable opportunity. Organizations to guide this process will not be easy to create. Most initial attempts will likely fail. But those false starts will provide the organizational experience required for future successes.

I am proposing that those who feel passionately about this subject should start creating networks of activists that will organize a public educational campaign on the importance of UFOs not as an issue for science, but rather for the health and welfare of our planet. To do this UFO truth activists will need to continuously draw in new talent and enthusiasm from especially young people as this campaign will likely last decades, if not generations. is a group that can provide important tools to help the pro contact community transform itself from being a loose network of experiencers and their supporters and become the type of organization that I have described. It provides an alternative social media site that allows experiencers to share in a private setting with like-minded individuals. This can facilitate open and honest sharing that can raise the level of both consciousness and united action required to place the UFO issue high up on our planet’s agenda. The Community map of contact activists can become an organizing tool that will facilitate building grass roots collectives all over the world.

To start this process I ask each person that finds this message compelling, to discuss ways that activists can form democratically organized groups to start building the new kind of social movement that is described above. The specific steps we take to involve others are like planting seeds that someday might blossom into a broad social awareness of how truly important this subject is for the future of humanity.


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