Special Powerful Warning to NPTB, OPTB and All

spiral starKejRaj: Greetings! I have chosen to share this message sent to us from a reader simply because the lightworker community can relate to the situation of what is occurring with the delays. Over all what this message says to the New Powers That Be is “Enough is Enough”. See the message below.

Frankly I don’t want to post any more in IDC(intel dinar chronicles) but observing the royal battle between OPTB vs NPTB, Fake Lighworkers vs Real Lightworkers, Aliens vs Divided Humanity is not fun anymore, it’s just too stupid. First I thought NPTB is a grand-universe class player, but no they are just bunch of amateur players who inherited big assets from their great-grand-farther (aka Emperors, which dynasty I don’t know), but once thing for sure most of the founding-Emperors are very powerful beings(mostly at Gods level) before incarnated, because there is a Law of Incarnation, in order to command and manage millions civilians in the ancient time the spirit level of Emperors must be super high (I mean before incarnated).

The stake of humanity and planet Earth at all-time high now because of the intervention of Aliens, for more details please read the message from the God of all life at http://www.newmessage.org/the-message/volume-1/greater-community. The text, messages on that website is unlike any messages through channeling/deceiving from all kind of beings you ever read on the internet. 99% of currency holders do not know what is truth what is fake what really happening in this planet Earth, so I do hope all of you spend time to analyze the messages in order to have the bigger picture.

Back to current Earth affair between: OPTB vs NPTB vs Aliens vs Real Lightworkers.
The most stupid grounp here is NPTB who has big asset but doesn’t have a clue how to finish the battle, frankly their great-grand-farther Emperors is ashamed of them right now. NPTB is falling into OPTB and Aliens’s traps but they don’t know it, NPTB think with money they can command anybody, they can change the world easily, just need replace all the head officer Government first then spread money worldwide. They are deadly wrong, NPTB have absolutely no respect for Real Lightworkers at all, NPTB(aka inherited-assets-elders) haven’t communicated with real lightworkers at all and think them will work even with delays time to endless.

I have to say this: only stupid lightworkers will work for you, the best lightworkers don’t give a damn f*** about you anymore, they just buy land and live in a normal life with nature careless about the world. The OPTB and Aliens know that, without knowledge and wisdom from the best lightworkers, the NPTB cannot change the world. OPTB and Aliens just spend fiat money to cause chaos here and there and toying with NPTB, while NPTB like: just 1 more 1 more 1 more till forever, how stupid is that.

In the meantime: the bad guys is seeding toxic seeds into spiritual community and take advantage of the situation.

Planet Earth and humanity need most now is knowledge and wisdom, not machine or technology. You can live without machine/technology like ancient time but can you live without foods(fruits/vegetables)? Human can live to 1000 years if not immoral with pure nature and animals, machine/technology is just the toys.

To spiritual/UFO community

First, I hope all of you read the message from God of all life at http://www.newmessage.org. Could it be real God of all life or fake one? Analyze by yourself but they only sharing message/wisdom, they do not seek commercial or followers or something like that.

What is the point of channeling from unknown being to just listen/receive message about “you’re beautiful, you’re growing/ascending, keep growing, much love, blabla” ?
What is the point of exploring secret space program, hidden technology, etc. from many unreliable/potential invader sources ?

You guys have not yet mastered your physical self, but are seeking for external power that’s very dangerous and waste of time.

Do you want to know how your body really function, how to live to 1000 years if not immoral without any external power like machine/technology/ritual blabla or you guys just want to seeing some fantasy UFO/technology in real life and die in 100 years? Life is not short, the unknown is “how can you level up your own charater and have new ability like fly/teleport/etc.”

To NPTB (Who hold currency reset key)
So what are you going to do now? There are many type of Zim currency holders now: OPTB implanted, Alien implanted, normal currency trader people, lightworkers with heart but without wisdom, lightworkers with heart and with knowledge/wisdom, pre-life contract.

I hope you guys have a good agreement/contract to prevent all kind of traps OPTB and Aliens are trapping right now. Remember Earth resources is limited and not unlimited like many people said.

Don’t let me and gods-like lightworkers wait more otherwise, you may win the battle but will lose the war in the end. The Cabal and Alien defeat condition is “United human unlock human body and function to live to 1000 years if not immoral”.

I hope this message will be shared to all spiritual/UFO community so people can have a bigger and complete picture about what is really happening on Earth.

Thank you for reading,
The Gods of Destruction – The Master of Creation – The King of Evolution


http://www.EraofLight.com – Posted per request via email.