Archangel Chamuel: Heaven Sent

baldorBeing guided by your spirit guides, soul tribe or your higher selves is an interesting process. For many months from the beginning of the year I have been receiving “angel” messages in the form of numbers, providing guidance along my journey.

The problem for me however, was that I did not understand what was meant, based on what I understood at the time.

As I have written before, I was given a “soul circle” several years ago. As I later understood, they were all volunteers and leaders, and my role was to both coach, mentor, and support them in their awakening process.

And as well, I now understand that I will have a leadership facilitation role for 2 countries in my geographic area for transformation, with some of these same volunteers in positions of responsibility when they have more fully integrated with their higher selves.

I repeatedly read that it was an “auspicious” time for me to begin or expand any spiritual work or practices that I might be considering. And what was suggested was still not clear for me.

And so, it was not until these huge bursts of energy in the last weeks, as I more fully embodied my highest self, and recognized myself as Archangel Chamuel, without fear of ridicule or apology, that I understood the next step that had been mentioned.

As I have been guided, or rather pushed onto a much larger stage than I had envisioned, I understand that I may have something to offer to those at different points in their journeys, regardless of their geographic location. And so this is an avenue I am now pursuing.

I also have something more concrete to offer as well. Under guidance some time ago I prepared a first steps self-coaching guide. The intent is to support those who may want to begin their own journeys, but are not sure how to start. One version has an brief introduction about the ascension process. Another version, for those not yet prepared for anything esoteric, does not include this introduction. Raising conscious awareness is the goal.

While for veterans of spiritual practice it contains nothing new, for those who are just awakening, it may be a useful tool. It is offered freely to use. We all benefit when more awaken, and increase the light of their beings. This was the message from the higher realms that I was asked to deliver. And I do so gladly.

Both of these documents can be found on my website, as well as my own plans for expanding the scope of my spiritual work.

And for those of you who may be now able to connect more fully with the higher realms, I offer this perspective from personal experience.

Understand that your human self may resist. Not only are we not used to this type of guidance, we also may not see ourselves as our higher realm beings do. By habit, and unconsciously, our first reaction is usually hesitation, and/or denial. Despite perhaps reading about this circumstance with others, when you actually experience this, the reality is different – because it is you!

We still may see ourselves as small, and insignificant, and our fear is borne from both the unknown, and a fear of embarrassment, or potential failure. But when we finally take that step, which may feel like it is off of a cliff, we ultimately feel free, and ponder in amazement that we did something that we would never consciously choose ourselves. And yet we find that the result responds to our secret dreams that we had either not shared, or did not know we owned.

As you will understand, when you are moved to act from spirit, eventually these dreams will come to pass. However, it is still a process, and trust will grow. And yet every time, even now, with much less of my human frailties, and a tamed ego and mind, I am still surprised where I am unexpectedly led.

This writing is a case in point.

In love and light,

Archangel Chamuel.

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